Wisdom Wednesday: Susan Page Davis

Sometimes it seems like my “to-do” list is too long for my attention span at that moment. If you’ve been around the blog for a while, you know I love lists. I don’t think I feel like I can get through my tasks if I don’t have a list made.  We travel to Memphis every week, and a lot of things I leave in my suitcase, but I still need that list to feel like I’ve packed everything.

This week, I’m continuing my editing on Carolina Mercy for MRP, working on a new story for a contest, and of course book two in The Kalila Chronicles, but first, let’s get to Wisdom Wednesday.

I’m so excited to have Susan Page Davis share her writing tips today!

Name: Susan Page Davis

Genre: mystery/suspense

Latest NovelBreaking News

Writing Tip: 

Write something every day. It’s easy to get sidetracked with non-writing stuff. Make the effort to set aside some time for only writing. You may have to remove distractions. Lock the door and turn off the phone and email if you have to. I remind myself of this often, because there is so much to the business side of writing. Don’t let promotion, networking, or any of the other “good stuff” replace the best stuff—your uninterrupted writing time!

Did she know I was going to be struggling today? HA! Susan’s so right, you have to set aside time to write, and stick with it, no matter what! Doesn’t it take like twenty one days of doing something every day to make it a habit? 

Favorite Writing Tip for New Writers: 

Don’t give up. The business is constantly changing, and it can be a steep learning curve, but hang in there. Remember, writing great stories is the most important thing.


My mother in law wrote in my copy of The Seer at my Launch Part, “Hard work pays off!” and that’s so true. Don’t give up!


A Senator who vanished. . .

An old man with regrets. . .

Editor Kurt Borden’s star reporter is struggling with depression. Long before Kurt bought his lakeside house in Maine, a senator owned the cottage next door. When Mick Tyler shows interest in the story, Kurt sends him out to do a feature on the senator, who disappeared more than 40 years ago. Maybe Mick’s fascination with the tale will lift his depression.

But Mick never comes back.

Kurt’s wife finds an elderly neighbor ill in his home. The old man, Elwood Fairmont, begs Janet to give a cryptic message to his grown children. Elwood’s children gather, but their father’s words mystify them. Was what he told Janet a dying confession?

Kurt assigns bright young reporter Dave Carpenter to write about Mick’s disappearance. When Dave investigates the story his colleague was pursuing, Kurt’s life is threatened. Janet finds a clue that makes them wonder: Are Elwood’s regrets and Mick’s disappearance connected to things that happened decades ago?

To unravel the close-woven mysteries, Kurt and Janet must rely on their faith and use all their wits and diplomatic skills.

Susan Page Davis cropped

Susan Page Davis is the author of more than 80 published novels in the mystery, romantic suspense, and historical romance genres. She has won the Carol Award, the Will Rogers Medallion, and the Inspirational Reader’s Choice Contest. A Maine native, she now lives in western Kentucky with her retired editor husband Jim. They are the parents of six grown children and the grandparents of ten.




Thank you for joining us today, Susan! Breaking News is added to my reading list.  Go check out Susan’s book on Amazon, and connect with her on social media.


You can purchase Breaking News by clicking here.

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Wisdom Wednesday: Hope Toler Dougherty

Joining us today on Wisdom Wednesday is Hope Toler Dougherty.

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Latest NovelRescued Hearts

Writing Tip: 

Freewriting is a tool I use when I’m beginning a new story or when I’m stuck. I also used it when I taught to show my students that they could get words on paper.

In freewriting, you allow yourself to write without editing, write without thinking about commas or misspelled words. You write for about ten minutes or so without stopping for anything. If you get stuck, write, “I’m stuck. I’m stuck,” until another idea comes to mind. Keep the pen or your fingers moving.

I use this technique to interview my characters sometimes, too. I pretend to be my character and type whatever he or she wants me to know.

When you’re not concerned about the mechanics, your mind is free to explore ideas, and you get words on paper. They might be awful words, but once they’re on paper (or in a laptop document), you can fix them. You can’t fix an empty screen. (Find more information and an example of freewriting on the Resources page of my website.)

This is the way that I have to write my stories. I sit at the computer or wherever I’m writing and just write. I don’t edit at all.  If I do start editing, I will never finish the story, I will just try to get it perfect and not go anywhere.  I have to make myself wait till the story is finished before I edit a single word. 

Favorite Writing Tip for New Writers: 

Read, read, read. Read in your genre and read craft books to hone your writing skills. I have a list of good writing books on my website. Write every day. Join writing groups and attend writing conferences.

The is great advice, and one that I tell others as well! 

51d9nZF2icL._SY346_Children’s clothing designer Mary Wade Kimball’s soft spot for animals leads to a hostage situation when she spots a briar-   entangled kitten in front of an abandoned house. Beaten, bound, and gagged by the two thugs inside, Mary Wade loses hope for escape when a third villain returns with supplies.

Discovering the kidnapped, innocent woman ratchets the complications for undercover agent Brett Davis. Weighing the difference of ruining his three months’ investigation against the woman’s safety, Brett forsakes his mission and helps her escape, the bent-on-revenge brutes following behind.

When Mary Wade’s safety is threatened once more, Brett rescues her again. This time, her personal safety isn’t the only thing in jeopardy. Her heart is endangered as well.
Find Rescued Hearts on Amazon


Hope Toler Dougherty holds a Master’s degree in English and taught at East Carolina University as well as York Technical College. A member of ACFW, RWA and SinC, she writes for Serious Write. Before writing novels, she published non-fiction articles on topics ranging from gardening with children to writing apprehension. She cheers for the Pittsburgh Steelers, ACC basketball, and Army West Point Football. Hope and her husband, Kevin, live in North Carolina and look forward to visits with their two daughters and twin sons. She has three published novels.

Thanks for joining me today, Hope! I’ve enjoyed having you on the blog this week, and Rescued Hearts is on my reading list!

Please take a moment to check out Hope’s

Hope’s website: Click here

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Stay tuned, Bethany Baker will be joining us next week for Wisdom Wednesday!
Wisdom Wednesday

Character Quote: Sam

Sometimes characters have a way of sneaking up and surprising you. Some characters take the lead and some are written as minor characters, to help the hero or heroine in their story. This character is no exception to that rule; except two of my Beta/ARC readers voiced that he’s their favorite character in The Seer!

Sam is a great character, and I really enjoyed writing him. However, I expected them to say Thea, Matthias, or Viktor. This prompted me to take a deeper look at Sam, and he surprised me. I wish I could explain more of what I found, but I can’t give everything away before you read it! 😉

We are counting down the days until The Seer is released and we have the Launch Party. Just two more weeks! {insert happy dance here} I can’t wait for you to read it. Don’t forget that The Seer is on pre-order right now for Kindle. Be the first to have it on release day!


Sam Postcard Quote

Character quote: “Don’t worry about them. They will forget this and tomrrow it will be somone else running into me.”

Now, here’s what one of my Beta/ARC readers said about Sam:

Sam is my favorite character so far. He tends to work behind the scenes as a protector, always ready to help Thea. His gifts and knowledge have me curious to learn more about his story.


I have one more character to show you this week, so stay tuned!


Character Quote: Thea

I love characters that are real, and ones that you can find a little bit of yourselves in as you read.

Thea is a teenage girl that is dealing with things that we all face at one point or another in our lives. She’s unsure of herself, has problems with trusting others, and is trying to reason out the circumstances going on in her life.  She is thrown into a situation that she never saw coming−one that leaves her questioning everything.

I think readers, {teenagers and adults both} will see glimpses of themselves in Thea, and enjoy getting lost in her story. Perhaps they will learn something new about themselves as they take this journey with her.

Thea Postcard QuoteThea’s quote from The Seer:

“I don’t want to go to sleep because I’m scared. What if I don’t wake up?”


Here’s what one of my Beta/ARC readers said about Thea:

Although Thea is very capable and quick witted, she struggles to feel sure of herself as she learns to use her gift, get answers to questions about her past, and ultimately, to get to Bethesda. Throughout The Seer you can’t help but feel like you’re part of her unlikely group of allies-from Heaven, Hell, and a few places in-between!

Get ready to get sucked into the world of the unknown that lies right before your eyes.


Tomorrow, is Wisdom Wednesday, so please join me and guest author, Heather Greer.  Heather has a new novel releasing this month!

Thursday, I will show you a glimpse of Matthias {an angel assigned to Thea, and also Viktor’s brother}.

For more information about The Seer, my upcoming Launch Party, and links to pre-order, please visit my website: erinrhoward.com





Wisdom Wednesday: Cyn Taylor

Joining us today on Wisdom Wednesday is Cyn Taylor.

Genre:  Romantic Suspense

Latest Novel: “Red Morning Glory.” First book is “Blue Mountain Sky.” Third in the Smoky Mountain Mist series “Dawn’s Gray Light” comes out this year.

Favorite Writing Tip for Authors: 

I write because it’s fun and because there are thousands of words zipping around in my head fighting for supremacy. Once the words have been painfully excised from my brain (it can be a painful process), and I get them transferred to paper, I take charge of them and can be in control. That is until the next thousand begin the war all over again. For me that war creates fun. I believe that if writing isn’t fun, maybe you shouldn’t do it. When I go to conferences and hear other authors talk about how hard it is being a writer I remind myself, and sometimes them, that I started writing because I enjoyed it. When it becomes drudgery, I’ll stop.

Sometimes writing can be hard, and painful. I’ve found that if I let go of my fear, and just write, the fun is there!

Favorite Writing Tip for New Writers: 

Ignore naysayers. Or put a hex on them. No wait. The first one. Also, I don’t rely on my family and friends to read and be truthful about my writing. They mean well but you rarely get the truth. Instead, I have a group of Beta readers who have been invaluable to me. All are teachers in some respect or another, none are related to me. Yes, there are millions of writers out there but if writing is your dream, don’t give up. As a writer, you are the weaver of your own dreams. Keep writing.

Beta readers are very important to the writing process and they won’t feel like they have to gush about your story. 

Thanks for joining me today, Cyn! I’ve enjoyed having you on the blog this week.  Everyone take a moment and read about her novel, Red Morning Glory, and make sure to check out her blog.   

Heather Greer will be joining us next week for Wisdom Wednesday.  


516j2abD6jLGlory Donaghan has a wonderful church, a devoted family, and a flourishing career. She feels God’s hand on every aspect of her life.

That life flips when Glory awakens in a hospital bed accused of drug abuse by Tanner Slade, a man she’d just met. Her problems compound when the infuriating angler continues to involve himself in her life.

When Glory tries to help an abused teen, more complications arise, and her own life is threatened. Her perfect world disintegrates, along with her faith.

Tanner Slade knows drug users are deceptive and fights his growing attachment to Glory. He refuses to allow his heart to rule his head a second time.

Presented with an opportunity to leave Tennessee and the turmoil behind, Glory battles her conscience while Tanner Slade engages in a war with her heart.

The romantic setting of the Great Smoky Mountains and the sport of fly fishing bring Tanner and Glory together. Their conflicted hearts need a lesson in trust, if life will allow them time to discover their true path.



Cyn Taylor lives and plays in Knoxville Tennessee in the foothills of the Great Smoky Cindy Promo 2016Mountains. She and husband Brent live on his family farm at the peak of Thunder Ridge along with a feral cat and other woodland creatures who come round to visit. They have two married adult children and seven grandchildren.

As a former freelance photo journalist, Cyn has written faith, community and feature articles. She says that seeing how life is lived by salt of the earth people behind the scenes is inspiring and has helped create the background for her books.

Cyn also gets some of the best inspiration for her storylines and characters when she accompanies Brent on fly-fishing excursions to the Smokies and local tailwaters.

He fishes. She writes. Life is good.

Connect with Cyn on her blog: http://cyntaylor2016.wixsite.com/blog





Wisdom Wednesday: Janet Ann Collins

I love Pinterest. I can sit and search for hours.  No matter what kind of mood I’m in, I can always find something to make me laugh or cheer me up.  For the past few weeks, I’ve been posting writing/developmental editing tips on social media, and I decided to open my blog up to other authors.  Every Wednesday, I will have a different author on for Wisdom Wednesday.  I can’t wait to see their writing tips!

Joining us today on Wisdom Wednesday is Janet Ann Collins.

Genre: Middle Grade

Latest Novel: A Shadow of Fear

Favorite Writing Tip for Authors: 

Read a lot in the genre you want to write. That’s my favorite because I love to read books for kids and that not only helps me be familiar with the genre, it gives me an excuse to read what I love.

Great advice! If you want to be a writer, you must first be a reader. 

Favorite Writing Tip for New Writers: 

New writers, it may take a long time to get published, but don’t give up. Attend writers’ conferences, read books on how to write and, above all else, keep writing.

Writing conferences are great for new writers.  You can learn the craft, meet other writers for support, and network with great editors/publishers.  

Thanks for joining us today, Janet!


Ben wants to act like Jesus so his parents will think he’s mature enough to go to camp. But when his friend who uses a wheelchair needs him to do something truly dangerous can Ben face his fears?

Janet Ann Collins has been a parent, teacher, and foster parent of kids with Special Needs. She has written many feature articles for newspapers, her work has appeared in various periodicals and anthologies, and she’s the author of other books for children. She lives in Northern California. For more information please visit her website, www.janetanncollins.com

Janet Ann Collins MRP


12 Chapters, 365 Chances

We went into 2017 with uncertainty and fear, {with Gabe’s Leukemia diagnoses} but we held on to the hope that God had a plan for it all. 2017 has been a year of struggle and grief. We lost my Nanny, and we’ve had to watch Gabe go through some intense chemotherapy and numerous procedures.

We still have long road ahead, we will still be traveling to St. Jude once a week for treatments, nevertheless, I’m still holding on to God’s plan through all of this.

As 2017 was a year of grief and struggle, there’s one word that has stuck in my mind for the past few days. Joy. Good things have already been starting like my job at Mantle Rock Publishing, my first novel coming out next month, and my niece was just born a couple weeks ago.

I found this quote on pinterest and I love it. 12 new chapters, 365 chances.  A new day, everyday.

A whole year’s worth of blessings around the corner.