Wisdom Wednesday: Beth Steury

Do you ever have one of those weeks where nothing has gone as you planned? Well, I’ve been in bed most of the week due to illness, so I’m definitely going to need our weekly boost of Writing Wisdom this week!

This week, YA author, Beth Steury is our guest. Thanks for joining us, Beth.

Name: Beth Steury

Genre: YA – realistic contemporary

Latest Novel: before I knew you

Writing Tip: 

Just write! Don’t worry about getting it all right, just write. If the beginning alludes you, that’s okay. Whatever thoughts or ideas are fighting to be recorded, start with that. Just write. Thanks to the wonder of word processing, rearranging sentences and paragraphs to achieve the best beginning, middle, and end is a snap. Just write.

I’ve always been the type of writer that likes to write in order, from start to finish. I’ve finally learned how to let go of my “internal editor” and just write, but this is the next step for me. Skipping around when I feel stuck. I’m not sure why this trips me up, but it does. Thanks for the reminder that it’s okay to do so!
Writing Tip for New Authors:

Don’t labor over every word. Doing so greatly hampers creativity. Once the initial thoughts and ideas have been recorded, then it’s time to edit and improve and fine tune every word.

I’m finding that I like the revision stage so much more now that I’ve practiced getting the rough draft down before perfecting anything. 


After a series of bad choices rocked his world, seventeen-year-old Preston charts a new course as far from his ladies’ man ways as he can get. He distances himself from the dating scene and avoids his party-loving friends—the things that once dominated his life. Then he meets Maggie, the new girl in town, the first day of their junior year. She’s beautiful on the inside and out, knows nothing of his past, and he can’t get her out of his mind.

When a disastrous first date leaves her skeptical about the guys at Madison High, Maggie slows down her pursuit of a guy to trust with her white-wedding-dress future. She wants a boyfriend, sure, but he’d have to be nothing like the jerk who forced her first kiss. Someone more like Preston, who’s been nothing but sweet and helpful, not to mention, easy on the eyes. But he is so out of her league.

Can Maggie afford to let her guard down around the charming Preston? Will Preston’s last jeopardize his chances with the one girl who could anchor his future?



Beth immerses herself in the world of YA via substitute teaching, by connecting with the teenage staff and patrons at the fast food joint where she claims the back booth as her office, and by reading YA fiction.

She’s a “cheerleader” for saving sex for marriage and an even bigger supporter of “renewed waiting” because it’s never too late to make wiser, healthier choices. She welcomes questions and topic suggestions for the “Waiting Matters … Because YOU Matter” blog that inspired the Waiting Matters series.

Check out her Choices Matter series that follows Preston and Maggie as they navigate the choppy waters of high school, guy/girl relationships, and sex.

Beth is also active in the adoption community where she writes and speaks about her experiences as a “foundling” who located her birth parents and is enjoying making up for lost time with her biological family.


Make sure you check out Beth’s newest release, before i knew you and connect with her on social media.


I hope you all have a wonderful writing week and don’t forget to join us next week for another piece of Wisdom Wednesday.

I would like to know, do you struggle with what Beth spoke about today? Do you get stuck wanting to edit as you write or want to write the story in order? Leave a comment for us!

Wisdom Wednesday


Wisdom Wednesday: June Foster & Giveaway

As promised, we are back for the second round of Wisdom Wednesday this week! 

Today, I have author June Foster with us, and she has laid out a wonderful step by step writing tip guide. 

Plus, she is giving away an e-book copy of her newest release, so make sure you comment below!

Name: June Foster


Genre: Contemporary Romance

Latest Novel: A Harvest of Blessings

Writing Tip: 

Since I always seem to have a deadline, I love reading “how to” articles that are short and list the points with bullets. Could be I’m a minimalist. At least my daughter tells me I am.

Not sure if you’re like me, but a fantastic story idea suddenly occupies my brain, demanding to be told. I can see the setting and the characters as if a little TV had taken up residence in my mind. I wish the rest was that simple. Hopefully these steps will make it a little easier.

*After you’ve opened up a new doc, begin a process I call free writing. Don’t worry about grammar, spelling, or sentence structure. Just get your idea down in print. Let it flow without telling yourself this is lousy stuff. You can write the whole book like this or just a chapter at a time.

*Begin refining what you’ve written by examining the content. Does each event move the story forward? Are the character’s believable? Are your facts accurate? If not delete or tweak.

*After you’re pretty happy with the story, then examine sentence structure, action beats, sentence variation, and word choice. An author once suggested I make my writing sound more elegant. Will the narrative catch and hold the reader’s attention?

*Now go on a treasure hunt in every chapter. Use the “Find” function on the “Home” button on Word. Check for pet words. Any word can be a pet word if you use it too frequently. Here are some I tend to overuse. Just, still, that, back. Check for the over use of ing and ly.

* Run the spell/grammar check and see what turns up.

*Read each chapter aloud. You’ll be amazed what tweaks you need to make.

So, hopefully these points will help to simplify your writing process. Happy writing!

June, this is a wonderful list! I learned the hard way, (after a couple unfinished manuscripts) that I have to write the whole story first before I do any editing. Now, I’m trying to get myself to realize that I don’t have to write the story in order at first. That one is still hard for me, but I’m working at it! 

If you’ve been hanging out around my blog for long, you know that I love lists. This is a list that I will definitely print out and hang beside my computer!


A Harvest of Blessings small

If there’s one thing Nadia Maguire knows, Jon Maguire robbed her of a godly marriage and left her in financial ruin. The night he was killed in an accident, guilt threatened to suffocate her. She wasn’t sorry he died.

When Nadia accidentally sits on a stranger’s lap in the graveyard where Jon is buried, she’s horrified to learn the good-looking guy with salt and pepper hair is her new boss.

Jared Abrams is a widower who longs to move on. He’s intrigued by the beautiful woman who puts God first in her life. But as their friendship grows, an unexpected obstacle separates them—his daughter Sarah. No one can replace her mother. Especially not Nadia Maguire whose son harmed her in high school.

If Nadia can’t find the funds to get her house ready to sell, she’ll have to balance two jobs with no time left to nurture a relationship with the man she loves. Will she and Jared find a Harvest of Blessings, or a season of drought?


June Foster is an award-winning author who began her writing career in an RV roaming around the USA with her husband, Joe. She brags about visiting a location before it becomes the setting in her contemporary romances. June’s characters find themselves in precarious circumstances where only God can offer redemption and ultimately freedom. Find June at junefoster.com.


Thank you June for that fantastic How To Writing Checklist!

Make sure you check out June’s newest release, A Harvest of Blessings and connect with her on social media.







Thank you for joining us today for this special edition of Wisdom Wednesday. June is graciously giving away an ebook copy of her book, so to be entered into the drawing, tell us in the comments below what part of June’s checklist you are most excited about trying. Winner will be announced in the comments section by 9/26/18.

Wisdom Wednesday June

Wisdom Wednesday: Sara L. Foust

I know a lot of you may be heading to the ACFW Conference, or you’re plugging away at those word counts, but not only is today Wisdom Wednesday, but tomorrow will be as well. Yep, that’s right, you will get two doses of writing wisdom this week! And believe me, I need that extra dose this week to help me push towards that deadline goal this month.

I’m excited to have fellow Mantle Rock author, Sara L. Foust with us for Wisdom Wednesday today.

Welcome, Sara!


Name: Sara L. Foust

Genre: Inspirational Romantic Suspense

Latest Novel: Camp Hope: Journey to Hope, book #2 in the Love, Hope, and Faith Series

Writing Tip: 

Write every day. Though right now I’m having a hard time managing to write every single day, I find that when I do it keeps my story more prominently focused in my mind. I am a writer and if I never write I will not be able to make this into a career. So my goal is to write at least a little something every single day.

Exactly! I agree with you, sometimes there are so many other things that like to pull our attention away. I also struggle some in this area, but it’s a great reminder that we need to become disciplined.  

Favorite Writing Tip for New Writers:

Other than write every day, my advice is to never be afraid to be you. It is important to continually learn about the craft of writing and improve upon your skills, but it is also equally important to make sure you are true to your voice, perspective, and heart. Don’t let others try to change your writing style or convince you you’ll never make it. You will. Keep learning and keep writing.

Yes, I agree. Let your voice shine through. Keep learning. Keep writing. Keep going!

Camp Hope coverAMY DAWSON directs a summer camp for foster children near Briceville, Tennessee. A foster mom for the first time, her responsibilities as mother to a traumatized child bring a whole new set of challenges and joys.

But when Amy’s four-year-old foster daughter is dragged into the mountains of Royal Blue by a former employee, parenting challenges are overshadowed by a new nightmare. The Sheriff’s department fails to procure viable leads, and Amy can’t sit idle. Her childhood friend and first love, JACK EVANS, returns to lend his skills as tracker. Problem is, he also stirs up romantic memories Amy would rather leave buried.

Jack struggles to let go of his past failures and prove his reliability by bringing Mattie home, but fears when he left camp nineteen years ago and failed to keep a promise to Amy he permanently lost her confidence.

As Amy plunges into the wilderness on horseback to search for Mattie, she must decide who she trusts, let go of her childhood traumas, and learn to rely on hope in God. Facing dehydration, starvation, and a convoluted kidnapper, will she succeed in recovering her precious foster daughter or get lost in the vast wilderness forever?

Headshot Sara L Foust

Sara is a multi-published, award-winning author who writes Inspirational Romantic Suspense from a mini-farm in East Tennessee, where she lives with her husband and their five homeschooled children. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from the University of Tennessee and is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers. Her debut novel Callum’s Compass won second place in Deep River Books’ 2017 Writer’s Contest. She also has a story, “Leap of Faith,” in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Step Outside Your Comfort Zone. Sara finds inspiration in her faith, her family, and the beauty of nature. When she isn’t writing, you can find her reading, camping, and spending time outdoors with her family. To learn more about her and her work or to become a part of her email friend’s group, please visit www.saralfoust.com

Thank you for visiting with us today, Sara, and reminding us that we need to become more disciplined in our writing by committing to writing something every day! Don’t forget to join us tomorrow for Wisdom Wednesday Part Two, with author June Foster.

Make sure you check out Sara’s newest release, Camp Hope and connect with her on social media and her blog. 

Wisdom Wednesday Sara

Wisdom Wednesday: Michelle Griep

I’ve always heard that for every two or so fiction books you read, you should read a writing craft book. Writing is a craft, it’s not something that you can master and then never revisit again. You need to be continually writing, reading, and learning the craft of writing. 

That’s why I’m excited to be able to show you all a new Writing How-To book from Michelle Griep and nine other authors. 

Welcome, Michelle!

Name: Michelle Griep

Genre: Writing How-To

Latest Novel: Writing From the Trenches: Tips & Techniques From Ten Award-Winning Authors

Writing Tip: 

Good artists copy, but great artists steal. Hey, don’t blame me for that one. That’s Picasso’s idea, but doggone if it doesn’t work! My favorite writing tip is to read, and while you’re reading, highlight sentences that really stand out to you. Jot them down in a notebook. Then next time you’re writing and the ol’ well is a bit dry, flip open that notebook and rework one of those awesome sentences into your own words.

Great idea to get those creative juices flowing! We all take in what we read and use in our writings to some degree, especially those that have connected with us on some deeper level. 

Favorite Writing Tip for New Writers:

Finish what you start. Really. Don’t get bogged down in editing or polishing your first few chapters. By the time you actually get to the end of the book, you’re more than likely going to want to change them anyway. Hunker down and plow through that entire first rough draft. That’s what makes the difference between a wannabe and a real writer.

Yes! If I had a “love” button right here, I would click it. This is what I struggled with years ago, resulting in several unfinished manuscripts. I wanted to make it perfect right then, so I’ve learned this tip the hard way. Turn off your internal editor and finish the story. Then you can go back and make it shine. 

WritingfromtheTrenchesFrontFinalTEN-HUT! Gear up for your writing with tried-and-true tips from the trenches. Ten award-winning authors share invaluable tips and secrets they’ve gleaned the hard way, offering a broad range of insights and opinions on the best way to tackle subjects such as the following:

Plotting Techniques
Villains We Love to Hate
Dynamic Dialogue
Sigh-Worthy Heroes
The Right Heroine for the Job
Hooking Your Reader in the First Chapter
Scene Endings to Lead Your Readers On
Creating a Movie Set
Making your Readers Cry
Deep POV
Copyediting your Manuscript
Indie Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing

At last … a writer’s tool that provides the experience and expertise of ten authors who’ve been on the front lines of publishing and lived to teach about it: Connie Almony, Lynnette Bonner, Hallee Bridgeman, Louise Gouge, Michelle Griep, Julie Lessman, Elizabeth Ludwig, Ane Mulligan, MaryLu Tyndall, and Erica Vetsch.

Headshot Michelle GRIEP copyMichelle Griep’s been writing since she first discovered blank wall space and Crayolas. She is the author of historical romances: A Tale of Two Hearts, The Captured Bride, The Innkeeper’s Daughter, 12 Days at Bleakly Manor, The Captive Heart, Brentwood’s Ward, A Heart Deceived, and Gallimore, but also leaped the historical fence into the realm of contemporary with the zany romantic mystery Out of the Frying Pan. If you’d like to keep up with her escapades, find her at www.michellegriep.com or stalk her on FacebookTwitter, or Pinterest.


Take a moment to check out not only Michele’s other books but also her writing book, Writing From the Trenches: Tips & Techniques From Ten Award-Winning Authors

Thank you so much, Michele with visiting with us today! 

Wisdom Wednesday Michelle


Wisdom Wednesday: Bonnie Engstrom

I hope this Wednesday finds you meeting all your writing goals! I’m working non stop getting my second book ready to send to my publisher. YAY!

Today, I have author Bonnie Engstrom with us.

Welcome, Bonnie!

Name: Bonnie Engstrom

Genre: Romance and Women’s Fiction

Latest NovelMelanie’s Ghosts (WF)

Writing Tip: 

Don’t be afraid to write in a unique or unusual way. I tend to write with short, abrupt sentences – sometimes just one word. That may come from all my years in journalism, but I suppose it’s to get a specific point across. Always remember story is all!

If you are writing a traditional romance for the first time, it’s probably best to follow the formula of hero and heroine alternating chapters. But, once you are past that new hurdle, write spontaneously and extemporaneously. You can always go back and change, which brings me to the next question.

The re-write phase is becoming my favorite phase of writing! I love going back after my rough draft is finished and editing, expanding and making the story shine. To me, this is when the real story starts to take shape.

Favorite Writing Tip for New Writers:

  1. Ask for beta readers before you submit a story. Good ones who care will point out inconsistencies, repetitive words, punctuation flaws. Some things you may not want to change, and that’s all right because it’s your story. But beta readers really help. Remember they are not a critique group, though. Some of the best ones are not writers, but readers.
  2. Edit, edit, edit. I must have edited Melanie’s Ghosts 33+ times, and each time I either made some changes or added a sentence. I did take into consideration what my beta readers noted, but I didn’t agree with all their comments.

Great suggestions! I love my Beta group, and I value their opinions about my novels. I think it’s great to have both Beta-readers who are readers and also critique groups/partners. They each bring something special and unique to your writing.



One is laughing down from heaven.

One wears rags.

One is falling in love with her.

Melanie’s faith is shaken.

Her husband Larry is dead. They had only been married a few hours before he was arrested. Will her best friend Natalie be enough? Who will understand about Larry’s crime, his deception and how he died? Surely not her new friend Robert who lost his wife to cancer; no deception there. Just sadness.

Should she believe the homeless old woman who claims to be Larry’s estranged mother, calling herself Melanie’s mother-in-law? Especially when the raggedy old lady stalks her and camps on her doorstep. Why did the woman abandon her son and husband over thirty years ago? Robert gives her empathy and support . . . until his own secret is revealed.

All Melanie has left of Larry is the gorgeous blue diamond ring!

Her special group of friends, the Candy Canes, promise to pray for her. But, is prayer enough? She counts on all of them for support and answers! The love of a dog with her shaggy fur, big eyes and her kisses may have to be enough.

Larry, his homeless mother, and even Robert, all haunt her. Her only normalcy is teaching the adorable three-year-olds in her preschool class. Maybe little Jackson will help put the ghosts to rest.

About the Candy Canes:

Fifteen years ago six high school freshmen in Newport Beach, California formed a swim team that became legendary. They won the state relay swim championship four years in a row. In addition to their skill and devotion to daily practicing, they prayed together and vowed to be sisters forever. Another thing that set them apart was they chose their own swimsuits making them a team within a larger team. They chose red and white diagonally striped swimsuits. Thus, became known as the Candy Canes.

UntitledThis is the seventh book in the Candy Cane Girls series. All are set in Newport Beach, California, with a few scenes set in Scottsdale, Arizona, both places Bonnie calls home.

She and her husband, Dave, have four grandchildren in Arizona a few miles from them. Three are girls, one of which is a twin with a boy who constantly endures teasing and giggling. Fortunately, Grandpa Dave spends special guy time with him to relieve him of girly talk and share Chick-fil-A.

The other two boys live in Costa Rica – Pura Vida! – with their father who has taught them to surf, skateboard and fish for their dinners. All six children, even though separated by continents, are very close and get together at least twice a year in either Costa Rica or Arizona where the two beach boys have to wear shoes!

Bonnie and Dave believe family is all. They feel very blessed to have grandchildren nearby, even though it often interrupts their schedule.

Bonnie is a long time member of American Christian Fiction Writers and a member of Christian Writers of the West in Arizona. She is a Pro Member of Romance Writers of America. She began her fiction writing career in California as a member of The Orange County Christian Writers Fellowship. She wrote the weekly education columns for two newspapers, The Newport Ensign and the Costa Mesa News. These organizations and the hundreds of newsletters she produced as a five-time PTA president helped to hone her writing skills. The impetus for her writing was when she was the editor of her high school newspaper and wrote a weekly column for a local community paper, The Penn Hills Progress, too many years ago to mention. (Hint: She was only 17!)

Thanks for joining us today, Bonnie! I’ve enjoyed getting to know you more and your latest release, Melanie’s Ghosts.

Take a moment to check out her newest release, Melanie’s Ghosts. Also, Bonnie loves to connect with her readers. Her email address is bengstrom@hotmail.com. Be sure to put BOOK in the subject line. She would love to chat with you and answer any questions.

Visit her website http://www.bonnieengstrom.com(where you can see all those grandchildren) and link up with her on Facebook athttps://www.facebook.com/bonnieengstromauthor/. To see almost all of her books go to http://bit.ly/2NgOiyd.

*Be sure to sign up for her next newsletter in which there will be a drawing you can win to be a character in her next book. You can sign up on her Facebook page or her website.


*If you are an author and would like to be a guest on Wisdom Wednesday, please email me at erin@mantlerockpublishingllc.com. I have openings available this fall and would love to highlight your writing tips and your books! 

Wisdom Wednesday

Confession Friday: Word Count Burnout

It’s back to school time and my social media feeds are bombarded with back to school pictures. My oldest son started high school yesterday, and it was much harder than I thought to watch him leave and wait for him to come back.


Of course, I cried when I dropped him off for preschool, and again in Kindergarten. Mainly because he jumped out of the car and didn’t even give me a glance back or an “I love you” as he ran into the school. My daughter has been through this process too, except she cried when we took her for Kindergarten. My youngest is starting preschool at home this year, so as a mother of three, I shouldn’t be this teary-eyed, right? I should be used to watching them run off to school. I just had a group text conversation with my mom and sisters, and they were talking about getting weepy at back to school things, and well, perhaps it just runs in the family.



All joking aside, I designated yesterday to be a big writing day, and I did fairly well. I managed to finally reign in my sentimental tears and focus on the task ahead of me.

Word counts.

This pesky little phrase has the tendency to stress out any writer, at any stage in their writing career. You can be a multi-published author or a beginning writer, and all have this in common. This phrase is so ingrained in my life, that even my kids ask me, “How did your word count go today?”

My response to this question seems to go two ways. I can either say, “It was awesome, I even wrote more than I needed to today!” or I mumble under my breath, “It was good.” This is code for, “I so did not meet my goal, but thanks for bringing it up!”

As a wife, mother of three, and an editor, sometimes I don’t meet my daily word count goals. If I miss my target, and other things have pulled me away from my computer, then it stresses me out to where I can’t write when I sit down the next time.

Surely, I’m not alone.

Here are my top 3 tips for overcoming word count stress:

3 tips

  • Set reasonable goals: I know this may seem like the obvious answer, but how many times have you decided that you will write 5000 words a day, no matter what, and then get disappointed when that doesn’t happen? Find a number that fits your life, writing style, and easily doable. So what if it’s 1000 words and you feel like that’s too small? Start somewhere. If you go over, then YAY! But if you hit it and hit the next day and the next day, before long, you will have a completed book.


  • Find a word tracker that you like: Find something that makes you accountable, but also one that you like and motivates you to continue. I’m a list and calendar maker, so this is essential for me. I finally found one that I love. WriteTrack. Based off of the NaNoWriMo tracker, it lets you set priority days and days off, tracks your progress, daily word count, and is in a calendar format! Here’s the link: WriteTrack.


  • Never stop on an empty page: This wonderful tip was given to me at writing retreat this year by Diane Tyner Ashley & Virginia Vaughn, and it’s helped me so much. Blank pages taunt me, and I like to write whole chapters during my writing sessions. Well, as a result, I was getting writer’s block because I was stopping my session at the end of a chapter. So I took their suggestion, and now I go past that chapter and start the next one, even if it’s only a paragraph. Now that I’m not opening up to an empty page, I don’t have as much writer’s block.

Do you have a great tip to overcome word count stress? Please leave it in the comment section!



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Wisdom Wednesday: Barbara M. Britton

If you know anything about the publishing industry, you will have heard about building your platform. It’s something that everyone needs to do if they want to become a published author, regardless if they traditionally publish or self-publish their novel. 

Today, my guest is Barbara M. Britton, author of Jerusalem Rising: Adah’s Journey. (What a beautiful cover, by the way!) Let’s see what she has to say about building your platform. 

Name: Barbara M. Britton

Genre: Biblical Fiction

Latest NovelJerusalem Rising: Adah’s Journey

Writing Tip:

Nine years ago, when the social media revolution was beginning, I sat at a writing conference and heard that I should develop a website and be active on Facebook (I don’t think Twitter was even around). I was pre-published at the time and I didn’t think I needed to be “seen” yet. I’ll admit, I’m also a bit tech-challenged. Flash forward nine years, and I will tell you that you need to be participating in the cyberworld even if you don’t have a book out. Your online platform will be checked by editors and agents and may even influence if you get a book deal. Sounds harsh. I’ve had agents go on my social media before a pitch session…they even liked my author Facebook page. I’ve also been told by agents that my work was wonderful, but my platform wasn’t big enough. Yikes!

What do I recommend as a minimum? Join Twitter and Facebook and post often about your life. On Facebook, your “page” will get likes. Don’t invite strangers onto your personal profile. Writing for teens? Choose Snapchat or Instagram. Some writers do Pinterest. I recommend picking 2 or 3 and sticking with those media outlets. You still have to have time to write! Also join Goodreads where readers hang out. If you can afford a website or blog, go for it. You will need one eventually. Being visible in the cyber world will help you–before and after–you sell a book.

These are all great tips about social media and platform! Choosing 2-3 to focus on will also give you the ability to get to know the people that follow your social media and help you interact with them. My publisher is always saying, “If no one knows you have a book, no one will buy it!” The first step to becoming published is building that platform. 

Favorite Writing Tip for New Writers:

I embrace Dory’s line in Finding Nemo, “Just Keep Swimming.” I’ve been writing for eleven years and it took me nine years to contract a book. My query life was full of rejection e-mails. I amassed over 200 rejections before I sold my first book. I had a passion for my stories and I enjoyed writing, so I wasn’t going to give up on my manuscripts. As a Christian, I claimed Ecclesiastes 3:1 that there was a God appointed time for everything—even publishing a book. I recommend joining a writing group for support because this business isn’t for the faint of heart. You can find other writers through professional writing organizations and by attending writing conferences. They are also in the above mentioned cyberworld. I follow a lot of authors, agents, and editors on Twitter to learn about the publishing world (and I re-tweet them).


This is a great reminder to not give up. I know at times it can be discouraging, especially when you receive a rejection. One of the best things that I’ve done is join a local writing group. They have given me a lot of support and encouragement. I always look forward to attending each month.

Jerusalem Rising 300

When Adah bat Shallum finds the governor of Judah weeping over the crumbling wall of Jerusalem, she learns the reason for Nehemiah’s unexpected visit—God has called him to rebuild the wall around the City of David.

Nehemiah challenges the men of Jerusalem to labor on the wall and in return, the names of their fathers will be written in the annals for future generations to cherish. But Adah has one sister and no brothers. Should her father who rules a half-district of Jerusalem be forgotten forever?

Adah bravely vows to rebuild her city’s wall, though she soon discovers that Jerusalem not only has enemies outside of the city, but also within. Can Adah, her sister, and the men they love, honor God’s call? Or will their mission be crushed by the same rocks they hope to raise?


Barbara M. Britton was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, but currently lives in Southeast Wisconsin and loves the snow—when it accumulates under three inches. Barb writes romantic adventures for teens and adults in the Christian fiction and Mainstream markets. She is published in Biblical fiction and enjoys bringing little known Bible characters to light in her stories. Barb’s debut novel, “Providence: Hannah’s Journey,” released in October of 2016 from Harbourlight Books and kicked off her Tribes of Israel series. Barb is a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers, the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, Romance Writers of America and Wisconsin Romance Writers of America. Barb has a nutrition degree from Baylor University but loves to dip healthy strawberries in chocolate.

Thanks for joining us today Barbara!  I enjoyed having you on my blog today. Your writing tips about building a platform and never giving up are both things that we must do, and things that we need to be reminded about. 

Please take a moment and connect with Barbara on social media, and check out her novel, Jerusalem Rising: Adah’s Journey.

Barbara’s Social Media Links:






*If you are an author and would like to be a guest on Wisdom Wednesday, please contact me. I have openings available this summer and would love to have you!

Wisdom Wednesday