Recharge Friday: Thankful String Art

It’s cold outside, and I want my pretty fall weather back!

I’m bundled in my favorite hoodie and deep into edits of The Soul Searcher for my publisher. I need to run out to the grocery store later, but I would rather curl up with a cup of hot chocolate and finish a crochet hat that I’m making. My mind is busy editing, and my fingers are itching to create something.

Two years ago, before my son was diagnosed with Leukemia, I was teaching craft classes, and we had a Thankful string art class. If you haven’t ever made string art, you’re missing out on a ton of fun! I sold my thankful sign, but I’m ready to make another one to display for Thanksgiving this year. A trip down the craft aisle may be in store for me later this evening.

15027748_1314944348547922_3676422306040061642_n (2)

I love Thanksgiving, and I have a lot to be thankful for. Gabe has 37 more weeks of treatment left and my second book is getting ready to release. I sent off the cover questionnaire today to our cover designer, and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with. The Soul Searcher releases 2/19/19 and I can’t wait to be able to share the cover with you all!

What about you? What have you done this week to recharge? Have you made anything crafty? Share your pictures in the comment section, I would love to see them!


Wisdom Wednesday: Laura Hilton & Rachel J. Good

It’s our first Wednesday during NaNoWriMo!

How’s your writing going? I’m playing a little bit of catch up today, but I have new words on paper, and that’s all that matters! 

Here’s a little bit of Wisdom Wednesday to get you back to writing and reaching your goals. 

Name: Laura Hilton

Genre: Christian fiction Amish

Latest Release: Love’s Christmas Blessings

Writing Tip for Authors:

Don’t wait for inspiration. Just write.  It’ll come.

This is a huge tip that has helped me so much in my writing journey. I think new writers have this idea that writing is going to be amazing because of inspiration. That’s not always the case. Most days, I have to force myself to sit down and write, but as you said, the words will come.

Writing Tip for New Writers:

Read, read, read. Learn the rules. And write

Yes. Don’t stop reading and learning. Get craft books on writing, brush up on grammar skills. Keep reading, learning, and writing.

laura cover Christmas…
A time for fellowship, family, and love. Enjoy two novellas from beloved Amish authors and fill your heart with the wonder of the Christmas season.Winter’s Treasure

Paris and Quil have sparks from the beginning, especially since his appearance causes a vicious rivalry between friends. But who can resist when a chance meeting beginning with donuts and coffee ends with a missing person, puppies, a skunk, and a sleigh ride—not to mention a trip the Amish young people plan to Niagara Falls. Could it also involve falling in love?

Mistletoe and Miracles

An exhausted son, Daniel, and a recent widow, Fern, join forces to brighten a grumpy old man’s day and cheer up a shy, displaced little girl. However, things take a serious turn when Fern’s daughter goes missing on a school field trip. With a little help from Daniel, Fern discovers more than just her daughter’s whereabouts. Will four lonely hearts create special bonds to make it a Christmas to remember?



Laura V. Hilton is an award-winning, sought-after author with over twenty Amish, contemporary, and historical romances. When she’s not writing, she reviews books for her blogs, and writes devotionals for blog posts for Seriously Write.

Laura and her pastor-husband have five children and a hyper dog named Skye. They currently live in Arkansas. One son is in the U.S. Coast Guard. She is a pastor’s wife, and homeschools her two youngest children.

When she’s not writing, Laura enjoys reading, and visiting lighthouses and waterfalls. Her favorite season is winter, her favorite holiday is Christmas.


Inspirational author Rachel J. Good writes life-changing, heart-tugging novels of faith, hope, and forgiveness. The author of several Amish romance series, she grew up near Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, the setting for many of her stories. Striving to be as authentic as possible, she spends time with her Amish friends, doing chores on their farm and attending family events.

Rachel’s Amish series include Sisters & Friends (Charisma House & Harlequin), Love & Promises (Hachette/Grand Central), Hearts of Amish Country (Annie’s Book Club), and the forthcoming Surprised by Love (Kensington). She also has several anthologies in print as well as the Amish Quilts Coloring Book.

To learn more about Rachel, visit her at

Laura’s Social Media: 

visit my blogs:   

twitter: @Laura_V_Hilton



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Thank you for joining us today! 

Make sure you check out their social media links, blogs, and their new release, Love’s Christmas Blessings.


Wisdom Wednesday (2)

Book Signing|Meet & Greet

Starting a new book is exciting!

Especially when the novel you finished not long ago is with your publisher and going through the editing process. My mind is in three different places at once. Talking about my first book, getting ready for the second book to release in February, and writing the third book in the series.

My mind is definitely on all three today. Tuesday’s are my Mondays (we are at St. Jude on Mondays) and it seems like my “to-do” list is longer than usual.

However, I wanted to take a moment and let you know about an upcoming event that I’m really excited about!

This Saturday, November 10th, I will be at the Just For You Vendor and Craft Show at the Mayfield Fairgrounds from 10-4.

I will have copies of The Seer for purchase and would love for you to stop by and chat with me.

Books make lovely Christmas presents, and The Seer is perfect for both teenagers and adults. There are also 70+ other vendors there (I can’t wait to do some shopping myself!)

Make plans to come out to the Craft Show and stop by my table. I would love to show you my book, answer questions, and talk about writing! 



Celebrating You

Happy National Author’s Day! 

When November 1st rolls around, my mind always goes to two things. Thanksgiving and NaNoWriMo. Thanksgiving is a time that always makes me happy. The beautiful fall day mixed with yummy food (turkey!) and family. I can’t get in the Christmas mood until turkey day is over.

NaNoWriMo also plays a huge role. Before this year, I used NaNoWriMo to accomplish the dream of finishing a novel and working on several book ideas that never came to fruition. However, it always gave me discipline and helped me to realize that I can do this crazy thing called writing. It didn’t matter if I made that 50,000-word goal or if my word count fell under that amount.

I was writing every day and that’s what’s important.

This year, I’m approaching NaNoWriMo differently. Since last time, I’ve published my first novel and completed my second novel in that series. The Soul Searcher (book two) is with my publisher and about to start the rounds of editing before it releases in February.

My goal for this year’s NaNoWriMo is book three in The Kalila Chronicles and start on a new project that has slowly crept it’s way to my heart, a novella series. This new fantasy series will be in the same story world as The Kalila Chronicles, but with new characters and societies.

What are your goals for NaNoWriMo? Leave me a comment and add me as a buddy. Mine is erinhoward2002.

To all my author friends, Happy National Author’s Day! 

As this is my first National Author’s Day, I’m thankful for all of my readers, publisher, and author friends who encourage me every day. You all are the best!

Nicole Williams03.11.25


Wisdom Wednesday: Ada Brownell

Happy Halloween!

My social media is flooded today with pictures of costumes, and I love it. We went to a few trunk or treats over the weekend since it’s supposed to rain today.

Not only is it Halloween, but it is the last day to get everything ready for NaNoWriMo! Yep. The craziness of chasing after the 50,000-word goal starts tomorrow. I’ve participated several times over the years, whether I was starting a brand new project like it asked for, or finishing up a novel that was already started. Sometimes, we need the boost that NaNoWriMo gives us. It’s a chance at becoming disciplined in our writing.

To get us in the spirit of NaNoWriMo, our Wisdom Wednesday guest is author Ada

Name: Ada Brownell

Genre: Fiction and Non-Fiction

Latest Release: What Prayer Can Do

Writing Tip for Authors:

Think. What is the worst thing that could happen to my character in this situation, and is there a way out? For non-fiction, think. Is this idea original? Could I make it original by approaching the subject from a different angle or using illustrations that make it different?

I love writing my characters into corners to see what they would do about the situation. It’s a great way to help if you’re feeling stuck. 

Writing Tip for New Writers:

With non-fiction don’t start writing until you think about the story or the subject and try to define questions readers might ask. Take notes on your thoughts. If you think it through, you don’t necessarily have to create an outline. But let your illustrations and transitions guide you to the ending you want. I never outline fiction, but in the same notebook where I write profiles on my characters, I also make a list of complications for the plot. It’s not a story unless there is conflict.

Conflict is what drives the story. I like to make an outline when I’m starting and then let the characters take over the story. I tried planning every detail in my earlier writings, and always felt stuck. Now that I’ve found a good balance between the two, it’s easier for me.

prayer cover

Does God still heal bodies, work miracles and answer prayer?

Ada Nicholson Brownell’s latest book, What Prayer Can Do contains amazing testimonies of how God intervened in people’s lives when they prayed. Read about a blind man instantly healed, even after he learned Braille. A child with hydrocephalus healed after prayer.  A forest fire turned away. Sinful rebellious people changed in a moment. Marriages saved, and many other miracles.

Fifty-five chapters and wonderful testimonies written by Ada Brownell about What Prayer Can Do originally published in The Pentecostal Evangel.

WHAT HAPPENS IF A DESIRED MIRACLE DOESN’T COME? The book begins with an introduction from the author, “Why I Still Believe God Heals, “that explains why she knows God still does miracles even though she lost a daughter to cancer. The article was first published in the online version of Enrichment Journal, a magazine published by the Assemblies of God for Spirit-filled ministers.

Buy the whole book, What Prayer Can Do here

ada brownell

Ada Brownell has been writing for Christian publications since age 15 and spent much of her life as a daily newspaper reporter. She has a B.S. degree in Mass Communications and worked most of her career at The Pueblo Chieftain in Colorado where she spent the last seven years as a medical writer. After moving to Springfield, MO in her retirement, she continues to freelance for Christian publications and write non-fiction and fiction books. She occasionally writes op-ed pieces for newspapers, and judges writing contests.



Ada’s Social Media: 


Twitter: @adabrownell

Blog: Stick to Your Soul Encouragement

Amazon Ada Brownell author page:


Thank you for joining us today!

Are you participating in NaNoWriMo? Add me as a buddy: erinhoward2002. Comment below with yours and what project you’re working on!

Wisdom Wednesday (1)


There are so many things that I miss about having my store, but one of the biggest is seeing all of the handcrafted items in front of me and my craft room upstairs where I had rows of yarn and craft supplies at my fingertips. Next on my endless “to-do” list is to set up a special writing space, and a separate craft room where I can have all of those supplies back within arms reach.

I have to write. There’s no other way to describe it the feeling of having to get words on the screen or on paper. I have to know what is going to happen next to the characters and story that constantly consumes my thoughts.

For some, writing may be their primary source of creativity, and while that’s true for me in some ways, I have to do other creative things to recharge so to speak. Writing, while rewarding and my ultimate passion, can drain me.

To recharge, I find my hands have to busy, whether it’s crocheting, painting, re-creating crafts I see on Pinterest.

 I have to make something.

My bestie builds furniture or remodels her house to be creative. I’m fascinated that she can take an idea in her head, go to the hardware store, buy materials, and come home to measure, cut, and hammer. I can help her with a project, but it’s not what recharges me. She will be the first one to tell you that while she prefers to fix a house up, I would rather have it already finished.

Learning how to balance a schedule is something that I’ve always struggled with, and I’m so busy that I tend to get caught up in everyday tasks that I haven’t taken the time to recharge. In an effort to be more balanced, I’ve started up crocheting again, reading books for fun and making more crafts.

Here are some fun creative projects that I’ve recently worked on. Crochet washcloths, face scrubbies, and a Leukemia Door Hanger for my son.





What’s something that you do to recharge? Leave me a comment and a picture if you have one, and drop by on Fridays for more creative projects. 




Wisdom Wednesday: Normandie Fischer

When you think about writing, do you think about the whole process or do you dream about your story but never seem to get anywhere? While we should always have a dream to achieve, it’s what comes in the middle that makes that dream come true. 

Today, author Normandie Fischer is here to tell us what exactly it takes to make that dream come true. Welcome to Wisdom Wednesday, Normandie!

Name: Normandie Fischer 

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Latest Novel: The Sea Prayers

Writing Tip for New Writers:

You’ve heard it from myriad sources, the same advice, the same words of encouragement. Keep writing. Keep going. Persevere.

Since my first book released, I’ve had folk approach me: “I’m going to write a novel someday.” Or, “I could write a novel if I chose to.” Or, “I have a perfect idea for a book.”

The I’m-going-to, the I-could-if, and the perfect-idea folk have one strike against them. All their writing is dream-based, when what they need is to begin. Just begin. And then—oh, and this is the hard part—keep going.

Bringing a novel to completion and then to publication is hard work. It takes determination and perseverance, especially if you care about quality. Quality is hard-won. Quality takes time and a willingness to listen and learn.

Back when I was editing for a small press, I ran into writers with good ideas who were convinced they knew far more than I—or any other editor. Convinced they’d written a great piece, they weren’t willing to learn. They knew better. They didn’t need an editor. They didn’t need to listen.

Well, fine, but that’s never true for anyone. We all need other eyes, other perspectives, an editor’s honing skills. I use both a content editor and a copyeditor because I want my work to be the best it can be.

Writing is hard work. Sticking with it, learning and growing, is even harder. Oh, and then there’s the miserable part that involves rejection—from agents and publishers, from readers. No one wants to hear that her story isn’t good enough, but I don’t know a single author who hasn’t had to cope with rejection along the way. It’s part of the process.

How you handle it depends, in large part, on your reasons for writing. If you write for glory and fame—and actually think you deserve both—the devastation of rejection will be a lot more painful than if you write because it’s your passion, your calling.

I’m convinced I’m supposed to write. I love to do it, and even without an audience, I’d continue. As a woman of faith, I also write to please my Lord, which means I adhere to the command in Ecclesiastes 9:10: “Whatever your hand finds to do, do with all your might.”

With all my might. With all the care I can give it, with all the perseverance it might take, with all that is in me, with humility, as an offering. And the rest is up to my Lord.

I couldn’t agree more!
Normandie, you’ve given a great insight on what is needed to turn those dreams into a reality. 

Sea Prayers ebook 9

A waitress, a megastar, and an ex-addict wage war for the heart of a young girl.

Thirteen years ago, a spiked drink left Agnes with a permanent reminder of the man who date-raped her.

Her daughter looks like him, sounds like him, and even listens to his platinum records (of course, the dude’s a mega star because nothing is fair) but Brisa is everything Agnes has in the world. At least, she is until the day this music star sets his sights on getting himself a ready-made family.

He’s got millions of dollars, millions of fans, a high-powered legal team, and half Brisa’s DNA. Agnes has a run-down house, a friend who’s almost three years sober and afraid to say he loves her, and a lawyer willing to work pro bono.

Oh, and the whole town of Beaufort. That’s right. She’s got all those Beaufort folk at her back, praying to the God she has rejected, and not one of them is going to let Brisa go without a fight.

Another story of faith redemption from the author of Sailing out of Darkness.

Author Pic

Normandie Fischer is a sailor who writes and a writer who sails. After studying sculpture in Italy, she returned to the States, graduated suma cum laude, and went to work in the publishing field, moving from proofreader up the ladder to senior editor, honing technical tomes, creative non-fiction, and, later, fiction.

She and her husband spent a number of years on board their 50-foot ketch, Sea Venture, sailing from San Francisco to the Sea of Cortez, Mexico, and on through the Panama Canal. They now live in coastal North Carolina, where she takes care of her aging mother and, whenever possible, enjoys her two grown children and two grandchildren. She is the author of six novels.



Make sure to connect with Normandie on social media and her blog, and check out her latest release, The Sea Prayers.




Amazon Author Page:

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Barnes and Noble:


Thank you for joining us today!

What kind of writing challenges are you facing? For me, I had to make the decision to sit down and write (from beginning to end) and not worry if it was amazing or if it was junk. I let that fear hold me back for a long time. It was difficult, but I did it, and it was a little easier with the second book. I’m starting my third book this week, I know I may still have those doubts, but I know I’ve done it twice now, and I know you can too!

Wisdom Wednesday