Wisdom Wednesday: Linda Shenton Matchett

Do you write every day? Do you follow a writing schedule? Or do you write as the inspiration hits? 

This week, we have author Linda Shenton Matchett discussing what happens when you commit to writing every day. Thanks for joining us, Linda!

Name: Linda Shenton Matchett

Genre: Historical (mystery)

Latest Novel: Murder of Convenience

Writing Tip: 

Write every day (or as close to that as you can.) It’s my favorite tip because writing feeds my soul. I’m happiest when I’m writing, so the idea of doing it every day (even if it’s just one paragraph), excites me. In addition, I know that by writing every day, I am improving my work, keeping my “creative juices” active, and furthering my career by producing stories.

I agree, if I write something every day, even if it’s a little bit, it’s easier to sit down and write more. If I go several days without writing, it’s harder for me to get started again.
Writing Tip for New Writers:

Follow your heart and write what you are passionate about. Don’t try to follow trends, because they will vaporize as quickly as they appear. Writing is a craft that requires study and practice. If you can afford it, attend conferences or take classes, but at a minimum read blogs and articles by successful writers. Most of all: keep writing, and don’t let the naysayers get you down.

Yes! This is excellent advice for anyone starting their writing journey. 

Murder of Convenience-jpeg ecover

May 1942: Geneva Alexander flees Philadelphia and joins the USO to escape the engagement her parents have arranged for her, only to wind up as the number one suspect in her betrothed’s murder investigation. Diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa, she must find the real killer before she loses her sight…or is convicted for a crime she didn’t commit.

Set in the early days of America’s entry into WWII and featuring cameo appearances from Hollywood stars, Murder of Convenience is tribute to individuals who served on the home front, especially those who did so in spite of personal difficulties, reminding us that service always comes as a result of sacrifice. Betrayal, blackmail, and a barrage of unanswered questions… Murder of Convenience is the first in Linda Shenton Matchett’s exciting new “Women of Courage” series.

Linda Matchett Head Shot



Linda Shenton Matchett is an author, speaker, and history geek. A native of Baltimore, Maryland, she was born a stone’s throw from Fort McHenry and has lived in historic places all her life. Linda is a member of ACFW, RWA, and Sisters in Crime. She is a volunteer docent at the Wright Museum of WWII and a trustee for her local public




Connect with Linda on social media and her blog, and check out her latest release, Murder of Convenience

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Thank you for joining us today, Linda and reminding us how important it is to keep writing every day, no matter how long we sit down to write.

Have a wonderful writing week and join us next Wednesday for another writing tip! 

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Wisdom Wednesday: Susan Page Davis

Sometimes it seems like my “to-do” list is too long for my attention span at that moment. If you’ve been around the blog for a while, you know I love lists. I don’t think I feel like I can get through my tasks if I don’t have a list made.  We travel to Memphis every week, and a lot of things I leave in my suitcase, but I still need that list to feel like I’ve packed everything.

This week, I’m continuing my editing on Carolina Mercy for MRP, working on a new story for a contest, and of course book two in The Kalila Chronicles, but first, let’s get to Wisdom Wednesday.

I’m so excited to have Susan Page Davis share her writing tips today!

Name: Susan Page Davis

Genre: mystery/suspense

Latest NovelBreaking News

Writing Tip: 

Write something every day. It’s easy to get sidetracked with non-writing stuff. Make the effort to set aside some time for only writing. You may have to remove distractions. Lock the door and turn off the phone and email if you have to. I remind myself of this often, because there is so much to the business side of writing. Don’t let promotion, networking, or any of the other “good stuff” replace the best stuff—your uninterrupted writing time!

Did she know I was going to be struggling today? HA! Susan’s so right, you have to set aside time to write, and stick with it, no matter what! Doesn’t it take like twenty one days of doing something every day to make it a habit? 

Favorite Writing Tip for New Writers: 

Don’t give up. The business is constantly changing, and it can be a steep learning curve, but hang in there. Remember, writing great stories is the most important thing.


My mother in law wrote in my copy of The Seer at my Launch Part, “Hard work pays off!” and that’s so true. Don’t give up!


A Senator who vanished. . .

An old man with regrets. . .

Editor Kurt Borden’s star reporter is struggling with depression. Long before Kurt bought his lakeside house in Maine, a senator owned the cottage next door. When Mick Tyler shows interest in the story, Kurt sends him out to do a feature on the senator, who disappeared more than 40 years ago. Maybe Mick’s fascination with the tale will lift his depression.

But Mick never comes back.

Kurt’s wife finds an elderly neighbor ill in his home. The old man, Elwood Fairmont, begs Janet to give a cryptic message to his grown children. Elwood’s children gather, but their father’s words mystify them. Was what he told Janet a dying confession?

Kurt assigns bright young reporter Dave Carpenter to write about Mick’s disappearance. When Dave investigates the story his colleague was pursuing, Kurt’s life is threatened. Janet finds a clue that makes them wonder: Are Elwood’s regrets and Mick’s disappearance connected to things that happened decades ago?

To unravel the close-woven mysteries, Kurt and Janet must rely on their faith and use all their wits and diplomatic skills.

Susan Page Davis cropped

Susan Page Davis is the author of more than 80 published novels in the mystery, romantic suspense, and historical romance genres. She has won the Carol Award, the Will Rogers Medallion, and the Inspirational Reader’s Choice Contest. A Maine native, she now lives in western Kentucky with her retired editor husband Jim. They are the parents of six grown children and the grandparents of ten.




Thank you for joining us today, Susan! Breaking News is added to my reading list.  Go check out Susan’s book on Amazon, and connect with her on social media.


You can purchase Breaking News by clicking here.

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