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image 1-8-19 at 5.24 amThe Soul Searcher releases in about a month! (insert happy dance here)

In the meantime, I am doing something new with this release.

A blog tour! 

Each post will be a little different depending on the host author’s blog. The blog tour could be a spotlight, author interview, or a behind the scenes article. Perhaps even a giveaway or two, so make plans to join me!

As I receive the links, I will come back and update this list and share it on social media.

Blog Tour Dates:


16th- Peg Phifer- Book spotlight 

18th- Toni Shiloh-

24th- Karen Beery

28th- Erica Hogan

30th- Catherine Hershberger


2nd- Patti Shene

4th- Tabitha Bouldin

6th- Sandra Ardoin

13th- Jennifer Hallmark

15th- Laurie Lucking

16th- Gail Sattler

19th- Julie Arduini

20th- Kathy Cretsinger

22nd- Regina Rudd Merrick

25th- Laurie Wood

27th- Ada Brownell


4th- Trish Perry

20th- Heather Greer


Cover Reveal of The Soul Searcher

It’s time! 

The cover of The Soul Searcher is here, and it’s so beautiful! I’m excited to share it with you, and I can’t wait for you to read what happens next in The Kalila Chronicles with Elnora. Book 2 picks up where The Seer left off!

Are you ready?

Here it is . . .

image 1-8-19 at 5.24 amElnora’s parents gave her one rule:
Stay hidden away at all costs.

Elnora Scott is used to her survival depending on the decisions of others. Locked away in her safe house, it is easy to follow her parents’ dying wishes until an angel, demon, and seer show up on her doorstep. Now, waking up in a dirty cell, she wishes she would have gone with them when she had the chance, because the ones who unknowingly ushered the kidnapper to her location may be the only ones who can save her now.

When Thea learns that Elnora may be in danger, she doesn’t hesitate to find her. Thea thought stepping through the portal would be her greatest obstacle, but it only reveals a more sinister threat.

The Soul Searcher is on pre-order now! You can get your copy here.



Wisdom Wednesday: Chad Pettit



It’s our first Wisdom Wednesday of 2019! I’m excited to be back with you, and our guest authors. Today, we have fellow fantasy author, Chad Pettit with us. Thanks for joining us, Chad!

Name: Chad Pettit

Genre: Christian Fantasy and Biblical Fiction

Current Release:  Fate of the Watchman

Writing Tip for Authors:

Before you write the full story, take the time to write an overview from the point of view of each of your characters. This gives you the bigger picture and helps you see any potential gaps or problems with the story.

This a great idea! No matter how much we think we know about our characters, sometimes, we learn so much more once we start writing. This will be a great exercise to use for my next book. 

Writing Tip for New Writers:

You may be the most talented, natural writer ever born. You still need to study and practice the craft of writing before you can truly write at the top of your game. You also need to live through some things so that you have something worth writing about.

This is the most common advice that I have heard for new writers, and it’s because it’s true! You have to realize that writing comes with studying and practicing. There are no shortcuts. 


9781620209158Lester Sharp is a workaholic, obsessed with the success of his business and oblivious to the world around him. All of that changes when a peculiar stranger comes into his shop asking for food and help. Lester soon finds himself on an impossible journey around the world to bear witness to some of the greatest tragedies a person can know, all frozen in a single moment of time.

In this challenging and gripping novel, debut author Chad Pettit, delivers a supernatural, pulse-pounding adventure in which Lester Sharp is in for the longest second of his life and learns lessons to last a lifetime.

attach5869_20180710_061547Chad Pettit grew up in Oregon with books and the mountains to help his imagination grow. After high school, he spent ten years in the Army, travelling and deploying all over the world, including two combat tours in Iraq. After the military, Chad earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from Texas A&M University-Central Texas, and then he started teaching English at an early college high school in central Texas. Chad currently serves in a local church as a deacon and the Sunday school superintendent.


Contact Info/Social Media Links:




Before you go, take a moment and connect with Chad on social media, and check out his novel, Fate of the Watchman

Do you struggle with getting to know your characters before you start writing? Have you tried writing the overview from your characters POV? Join in on the conversation today and leave us a comment.

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Behind the Story: Gift & News

I hope you all had a fantastic holiday season!

We spent two whole weeks at home instead of having to go to Memphis for my son’s treatments. It was nice to be at home, but it was strange not to travel to St. Jude.. Especially when we’ve gone every week for the past ninety weeks! Since it was New Years this week, our appointment was moved to Wednesday, so it’s thrown off my entire week and I’m playing catch up.

There are a couple of things that I wanted to let you know about.

1. If you are a member of my newsletter community, The Hive, you received a booklet called Behind the Story in your inbox. It is a booklet about the portals in The Seer, and why I chose these particular locations to highlight in the book. Members of The Hive are the first to receive news, updates, freebies, and information about The Kalila Chronicles and my new novella series that is coming soon. If you would like to receive your free copy of Behind the Story, you can click here.

2. We are getting closer to the release of The Soul Searcher. YAY! Which means that I will have the cover reveal and pre-order dates soon. I will also post a list of dates for my blog tour and book signing events.

3. My website,  has recently been updated with a new page just for The Hive members. There is also a new Inner Circle (membership only) page for my Beta readers, and a new latest info section listed on the home page.

4. If you are an author, I have openings on my Wisdom Wednesday guest blog for February and March. If you would like to sign up to be a guest and share a writing tip, please sign up here.

I hope you all have a great weekend!






Wisdom Wednesday: Heather Greer

Did you travel anywhere for Christmas? My husband and I always plot new story ideas or on my current series when we are traveling. We go back and forth to St. Jude every week for my son’s treatment, so we are always in the car for hours. This time, we were going to my parent’s house for Christmas, but we still plotted. Now there are presents to put away, editing/writing to do, but it’s also Wisdom Wednesday. 

Today we have author Heather Greer with us. Thanks for joining us today, Heather!

Name: Heather Greer

Genre:  Contemporary Christian Romance

Upcoming Release: Grasping Hope (available in March)

Current Release: Faith’s Journey 

Writing Tip for Authors:

I’m not one who plots extensively or usually at all. Every time I went to writer’s conferences I heard about how I needed to plot out every detail and develop my characters completely before I even started writing. It was discouraging because I don’t naturally write that way. I went to a conference and my favorite author admitted to the group that she doesn’t plot either. She encouraged us to write in the way that works for us. That was so freeing for me. For the first time, I felt confident that I could be a good writer writing in the way that way that worked for me.

I love that you brought this up because when I first started writing, I didn’t have a single idea planned except for the main plot of the story. I found out that I was waiting for inspiration to hit to continue writing, which never worked. Now, I plan all of my major points of the story, but let the characters surprise me along the way. Experiment until you find what works for you, and then do it! 

Writing Tip for New Writers:

Always be willing to learn and grow. Even without industry changes, there are always areas where we need to improve and implement new techniques in our writing. Don’t wait until you’ve learned it all to start writing or you’ll never do it.


While we wait for Heather’s cover to be ready for her upcoming release, here’s a little more information about Grasping Hope.


When dreams turn to nightmares what’s left to hold onto?

Katie McGowan knows her fears are irrational. They’re also beyond her control. Her mind says her fiancé is faithful, but the betrayal of her past love ignites a fear stronger than her trust. Attempts to overcome it are unsuccessful. Nothing banishes her panic attacks for good. Dreading Austin’s response if he finds out about her struggle to trust, Katie hides the truth nearly destroying their relationship.

It takes a lesson in hope to start healing. Katie is released from the nightmare holding her captive to enjoy the blessings God has given. But when tragedies change her life forever, Katie’s understanding of hope is challenged. Unresolved anger and disappointment leave Katie doubting the sincerity of her beliefs. Desperate to prove her faith and minimize her failure as a believer, Katie buries her feelings beneath all the right words.

When she’s faced with losing everything, will Katie abandon her hope or cling to the lifeline God has given?


Heather Headshot 5

Heather Greer is a pastor’s wife with a passion for encouraging and challenging women in the body of Christ to grow in faith. In addition to participating in women’s ministry, Heather enjoys directing a week-long youth camp for teenagers each summer. When she’s not busy writing, Heather enjoys reading and baking. And though her nest is nearing the empty stage, she loves spending time with her husband, four kids, and grandson in her hometown of Carbondale, Illinois.



Contact Info/Social Media Links:






Thank you for joining us for Wisdom Wednesday. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a blessed New Year. Before we go, how do you plot? Are you a planner or a panster? Maybe a little bit of both? Let us know in the comment section.

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Wisdom Wednesday: Beth E. Westcott

Christmas is almost here! I have a few more presents to buy and wrap, but now that my kids are officially on Christmas break, it’s starting to feel more like Christmas. Are you finished with your Christmas shopping?

Today, I have author Beth E. Westcott sharing her favorite writing tips for Wisdom Wednesday. Thanks for joining us, Beth!

Name: Beth E. Westcott

Genre: Christian Romance

Latest Release: Meadow Song

Writing Tip for Authors:

One of the first things I learned about writing is to do it regularly. At my first writers’ conference, we had to repeat over and over: “A writer writes. I am a writer, therefore I write.” You may be “gifted” to write and have ideas galore, but you have to become a “good” writer by learning the craft and practicing it. Read books, attend conferences, join an online webinar. Learn from the veterans in the publishing community. And practice. Like an Olympic athlete, we need training and practice. Being a regular and consistent writer has been a challenge for me because life so easily gets in the way.

Life can definitely get in the way. Discipline is the key to consistently writing every day. I struggle with this as I’m sure most writers do. 

Writing Tip for New Writers:

Be persistent. Keep at it. If writing is your calling, don’t give up.

If you feel like giving up, find a writing group (online or in your local area) and get plugged in. Other writers know exactly what you’re going through and have been there themselves at some point. Let them encourage you. Get recharged and keep going!

Meadow Song cover

Artist Kate Greenway moves to a new town to escape the memories of her dead fiancé. While painting beside a meadow, she meets a young girl and the girl’s uncle Jack Chambers. Kate is ready to move forward with her life, but Jack resists commitment. Kate returns home to care for her ill mother. Will she ever fulfill her dreams in art and love? Will Jack overcome his fear and realize that life without Kate will be his greatest loss?




Beth grew up in upstate New York, the youngest of seven. Married to Frank for 45 years, she served with him in Child Evangelism Fellowship for six years and beside him in the pastoral ministry for 33 years. Beth is the mother of three and has five granddaughters. She enjoys music, sewing, and gardening, as well as reading and writing. She has had church programs and devotionals published, and her short story “Sadie and the Princess” is included in Heart-warming Horse Stories on Amazon. Her contemporary Christian romance novel, Meadow Song, was published in 2018 by Mantle Rock Publishers.

 Thank you for joining us today for Wisdom Wednesday. Don’t forget to connect with Beth on her website, and check out her novel, Meadow Song

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Do you struggle with consistently writing every day? Do you have any tips to help become disciplined in writing every day? 


Wisdom Wednesday: Ellie Gustafson

Hello everyone! It’s time for Wisdom Wednesday and I’m not sure about you, but I need some extra motivation this week.  As Christmas and the new year approaches, what goals are you working on? 

Today, we have author Ellie Gustafson with us. Welcome, Ellie!

Name: Ellie Gustafson

Genre: Contemporary

Latest Release: An Unpresentable Glory

Writing Tip for Authors:

I am a slow writer. My brain works slowly, for one thing, and my start-off writing is pretty awful. I love to edit, however—going over each manuscript, in bits and pieces, at least fifty times before it’s fairly presentable. Editing does require a competent grasp of grammar and punctuation, and I’ve learned these skills, along with just plain good writing, through the tutelage of several editors.

Beta readers are invaluable. I’d recommend getting at least five who are not shy about telling you what stinks. Your brain sees the big picture of your story, the necessary details, but other brains don’t have that advantage. Your beta readers will help you find the blank spots. Don’t shoot your wad of readers all at once, though. Space them out, and keep making changes as suggested by each one. The care and feeding of beta readers is high on my priority list!

Your brain may work more efficiently than mine, but I would advise you to slow down to improve your end product.

This question took me over an hour to answer—and still, it’s not perfect. But then, I haven’t gone through it 50 times. Only about 30!

I love the editing phase. To me, that’s when the real writing takes place! If I try to edit before the rough draft is finished, I will never get anything accomplished.

Writing Tip for New Writers:

Read well-written books and take notes—not to plagiarize, but to learn how good writers do it. What makes the plot flow well? How does the author build tension? What makes that sentence zing? Learn to think outside the box. My very first editor, Judith Markham of Zondervan, spoke of a particular passage: “Ellie, you can write better than that.” Her words keep coming back to me, prodding me along the road of writing excellence.

I’ve heard other writers say that they don’t have time to read and that’s so sad. In order to grow, you need to keep reading and learning. Never stop reading!


“I trusted you, and some day, you may know just how much you hold in your hands.”

Linda Jensen leads a relatively quiet life in Westchester County, New York, as the owner of a highly acclaimed garden. Inherited from her parents, the garden is her pride and joy. However, finding a strange man sprawled near her delphiniums does not bring joy. The mysterious man is sick, unable to do more than drink water—and beg for secrecy. Ignoring all alarm bells, Linda sees to his needs, but her caring act takes on unexpected significance, and unpresentable glory.

Seeds of trust, and perhaps love, are planted in Linda’s garden haven. But as secrets are revealed and scandal hits the headlines, the act of caring for this man threatens to tarnish both of their reputations. Like weeds in Linda’s garden, circumstances threaten to choke out their fledgling relationship, and small moments prove to be the biggest influencers—on a national scale.

DSC06220a 2Having lived a few years, Ellie has collected long-ago memories—playing cowboys and Indians, watching first-run Wizard of Oz, collecting tinfoil for the war effort, driving a pony to a red ribbon, getting married and pregnant, and finally, enjoying the pleasures of kids, grandkids, and authoring. Add to this list gardening, house construction, tree farming, and loving on people—all of which bring color and humor to her fiction. One of Ellie’s major writing goals has been to make scriptural principles understandable and relevant for today’s readers through the power of story.


Ellie’s Social Media: 



Blog  HOME, scroll down

Amazon Page:

Twitter: @EgusEllie

Facebook: Ellie Gustafson

An Unpresentable Glory:


The Stones:

Thank you for joining us today for Wisdom Wednesday. Don’t forget to check out Ellie’s book, An Unpresentable Gloryand connect with her on social media.

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Do you enjoy the editing phase of writing? Do you have a team of Beta Readers? Let us know in the comment section!