Behind the Story: World Building

Writing is filled with moments that are exciting and brimming in creativity. There are also moments of procrastination and doubt. Learning how to push through the days of zero inspiration makes all the difference in those who write as a hobby and those that write as a career.

There’s a moment in writing that I love almost more than any other aspect and that’s the moment between projects. When I’m dreaming and plotting about what is coming next. 

The Soul Searcher is going through the editing phase with my publisher, and I’m starting The Silencer, (book 3) this week. YAY!

However, my brain can’t stop thinking about what is coming next after book three.

The idea of a new project, of world building, is so energizing and exciting to me. I love creating a new series idea and everything that comes along with it. New characters, plots, worlds, and motives all go into world building. This is one reason why I love fantasy writing. With urban fantasy, I’m using our world as the base, but I still get to create, from scratch, a new world to fit in our world. The result of how they react to each other is exciting.

I polled my Beta Reader group and asked what they would like to see next from me. There were several choices: Fairy Tale Retelling, Dystopian, or a novella supernatural series related to my current series world.

It was a close poll!

However, the supernatural series won, and ever since my brain has reeled with all sorts of ideas. I can’t reveal too much yet, (you have to read The Soul Searcher first, so there aren’t any spoilers) but the novella series will be in the same story world as The Kalila Chronicles but with a whole new set of characters and new abilities and societies. I can’t wait to dive in and begin writing and see how these two series are woven together.

World building isn’t just for fantasy writers. Every writer uses this when they create their own stories. Writing friends, what part of world-building do you enjoy the most?

world building





It Finally Got Us

The past week has been rough around the Howard household. Daniel had the flu, (type A) and then gave it to me.  Normally, this would be an annoying but manageable thing, but since our youngest is still in treatment for Leukemia, it became a larger concern. Our doctor told us that if anyone in the house comes down with the flu to call them immediately so they could call in a prescription of tamiflu for Gabe.  So we did, and he’s on that for ten days.  Gabe’s counts dropped to 200 ANC on Monday, so we are now on extra high alert to watch out for sickness this week.  Hopefully his counts will go back up, and he can receive his chemo next week at his weekly appointment. Daniel and I managed to stay mostly to our rooms, trying to keep separated from the rest of the family.  I’m ready to feel better, for spring, and warmer weather.

I’m back at my computer this week, continuing editing for MRP and working on two projects of my own. A completely new story for a contest, and book 2 of The Kalila Chronicles! I can’t wait to share more information about both new works, but the new story has to be secret until after the contest.

Until I can reveal more, have you read The Seer? Which character are you hoping to learn more about in book 2 and why? Leave me a comment below, you never know, your character may just be the one!



You can purchase The Seer on Amazon in both Kindle and print versions. 




Character Quote: Sentinel Cobb

The book characters are quickly becoming one of my favorite things to talk about on my blog with you all!

We have one last character that I would like to highlight today, and then I will open up the blog for discussions of questions you may have about The Seer, and the characters.

Sentinel Cobb is one of the most interesting characters in The Seer. There’s a certain level of mystery about his past and what he’s done, especially when it comes to Matthias’s resentment towards him. It’s hard to think that Matthias would have resentment towards anyone.


sentinel cobb postcard jpeg



Character Quote: Sometimes it’s not really the answer to our questions that we truly need.

Here’s what one of my Beta/ARC Readers had to say about Sentinel Cobb:

“Sentinel Cobb is a mysterious character and I hope to find out more about his past and how that made him the man is today. He carries the balance of the world on his shoulders along with those he trains.”



There is so much more to be learned about Sentinel Cobb, and we have only scratched the surface. I hope that you will enjoy his character as much as I do! 

Now that the highlights of the characters are over, I will open the blog up for questions! If you’ve read The Seer and want to ask a question about the story or the characters please message me. Please keep me in mind that if it’s a question that would be a spoiler to those that have not read it yet, I will not be able to answer on the blog. Use the contact form here, or on the contact page. Click here to contact Erin