Character Quote: Sentinel Cobb

The book characters are quickly becoming one of my favorite things to talk about on my blog with you all!

We have one last character that I would like to highlight today, and then I will open up the blog for discussions of questions you may have about The Seer, and the characters.

Sentinel Cobb is one of the most interesting characters in The Seer. There’s a certain level of mystery about his past and what he’s done, especially when it comes to Matthias’s resentment towards him. It’s hard to think that Matthias would have resentment towards anyone.


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Character Quote: Sometimes it’s not really the answer to our questions that we truly need.

Here’s what one of my Beta/ARC Readers had to say about Sentinel Cobb:

“Sentinel Cobb is a mysterious character and I hope to find out more about his past and how that made him the man is today. He carries the balance of the world on his shoulders along with those he trains.”



There is so much more to be learned about Sentinel Cobb, and we have only scratched the surface. I hope that you will enjoy his character as much as I do! 

Now that the highlights of the characters are over, I will open the blog up for questions! If you’ve read The Seer and want to ask a question about the story or the characters please message me. Please keep me in mind that if it’s a question that would be a spoiler to those that have not read it yet, I will not be able to answer on the blog. Use the contact form here, or on the contact page. Click here to contact Erin





Character Quote: Sam

Sometimes characters have a way of sneaking up and surprising you. Some characters take the lead and some are written as minor characters, to help the hero or heroine in their story. This character is no exception to that rule; except two of my Beta/ARC readers voiced that he’s their favorite character in The Seer!

Sam is a great character, and I really enjoyed writing him. However, I expected them to say, Thea, Matthias, or Viktor. This prompted me to take a deeper look at Sam, and he surprised me. I wish I could explain more of what I found, but I can’t give everything away before you read it! 😉

We are counting down the days until The Seer is released and we have the Launch Party. Just two more weeks! {insert happy dance here} I can’t wait for you to read it. Don’t forget that The Seer is on pre-order right now for Kindle. Be the first to have it on release day!


Sam Postcard Quote

Character quote: “Don’t worry about them. They will forget this and tomorrow it will be someone else running into me.”

Now, here’s what one of my Beta/ARC readers said about Sam:

Sam is my favorite character so far. He tends to work behind the scenes as a protector, always ready to help Thea. His gifts and knowledge have me curious to learn more about his story.


I have one more character to show you this week, so stay tuned!

Character Quote: Matthias

Sometimes you start a story because you see a certain character in your mind and it prompts you to figure out everything about them. Sometimes when you’re writing, a character comes to your mind and completely surprises you. For The Seer, I knew I would have two opposing sides: an angel and a demon. Good versus evil. I already had Viktor in my mind and had a good solid grasp on his personality and what he stood for. But what would his opposing character look like?

Kind. Patient. Warrior. Good. Protector.

All of these things prompted me to create Matthias, but as the story unfolded, I found there’s so much more to him than meets the eye. I won’t give away all of my secrets, {you’ll have to read the story to find out!} but Matthias is not only a warrior and protector but someone that you need by your side.

Matthias Postcard Quote

Matthias’s Quote:  “You said the same thing fifty years ago. You’re an old man now, and if I have to wait another fifty years, you’ll be a dead man.”

Here’s what one of my Beta/ARC readers said about Matthias:

Matthias is well known by both angels and demons as a skilled warrior, and devoted protector that will do whatever it takes to keep his charges safe.  He carries the memory of every human he has been responsible for, the ones he’s saved, and the ones he’s lost.


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Character Quote: Thea

I love characters that are real, and ones that you can find a little bit of yourselves in as you read.

Thea is a teenage girl that is dealing with things that we all face at one point or another in our lives. She’s unsure of herself, has problems with trusting others, and is trying to reason out the circumstances going on in her life.  She is thrown into a situation that she never saw coming−one that leaves her questioning everything.

I think readers, {teenagers and adults both} will see glimpses of themselves in Thea, and enjoy getting lost in her story. Perhaps they will learn something new about themselves as they take this journey with her.

Thea Postcard QuoteThea’s quote from The Seer:

“I don’t want to go to sleep because I’m scared. What if I don’t wake up?”


Here’s what one of my Beta/ARC readers said about Thea:

Although Thea is very capable and quick-witted, she struggles to feel sure of herself as she learns to use her gift, get answers to questions about her past, and ultimately, to get to Bethesda. Throughout The Seer, you can’t help but feel like you’re part of her unlikely group of allies-from Heaven, Hell, and a few places in-between!

Get ready to get sucked into the world of the unknown that lies right before your eyes.


Tomorrow is Wisdom Wednesday, so please join me and guest author, Heather Greer.  Heather has a new novel releasing this month!

Thursday, I will show you a glimpse of Matthias {an angel assigned to Thea, and also Viktor’s brother}.

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Character Quote: Viktor

As promised, I’m pulling the curtain back a little and showing you all a glimpse into the characters for The Seer!

I’m starting with Viktor.

He is perhaps my favorite character, which may surprise you. After you read the book, you will really understand why, but The Seer started because of an assignment my professor gave in a writing workshop. I had to write a short story about an unlikely hero. I knew that I wanted to switch my genre. I was almost finished with a chick lit book, but I had this longing to write a series about spiritual gifts. I put it off and put it off until I got this assignment. I started asking questions.

What if I wrote it from a villain’s POV? {point of view}

However, instead of strictly a villain, what if he’s got this desire to change but doesn’t know how?

What if he couldn’t fully be redeemed?

I mean, he is a demon after all.

From these questions, I jumped straight into this short story about two brothers: one who was a demon, and one that was an angel, and how they were fighting over this girl who could see into the spiritual realm. From there this story grew into a screenplay, and now, a series centered on Viktor, Matthias, and Thea.

I love characters that give you a reason to root for them. I like characters that are messy, {because life IS MESSY} have problems and obstacles. I love characters that are real. I have a feeling that Viktor will not be the only main character that I write that’s a villain or an unlikely hero. I think he will be just the beginning.

Viktor Postcard QuoteViktor’s quote:

There was something to be said about people who sat on the fence between one side and another: They were too easily swayed to both sides. Jumping from one side to another? Now that was harder.

Here is what one of my ARC/Beta readers said about Viktor:

Viktor was my favorite character. He is a character that you can really relate to as a human. The inner struggle of good versus evil, right versus wrong, really comes out through him. You can’t help but root for him throughout the whole book, even though he is on the wrong side of it all. He was the character throughout the book that I just had to know (and couldn’t put it down until I knew) what battle or side was going to win him!

Also, his quote really hits home in my heart, to make sure I’m not on the fence, where I can be easily swayed to the side that I would never knowingly choose!


Tomorrow, I’m going to share a quote with you from Matthias, so stay tuned!