Wisdom Wednesday: Joanna White

I love it when we have brand new releases on Wisdom Wednesday. I  had the privilege to be a part of Joanna White’s launch team and Facebook party yesterday with over twenty fantasy authors! 

Welcome to Wisdom Wednesday, Joanna and congratulations on your new release! 

Name: Joanna White

Genre: Fantasy/Christian Fantasy

Latest Novel: Shifter

Writing Tip: 

Gosh, this is hard because I’m torn between two: 1) Write. It may sound simple, but you’ll never get anything written if you don’t sit down and write sometimes. That’s also the best way to hone your craft is to just sit down and start writing. Make it a habit to write at least once everyday and then you’ll be surprised at how much you accomplish. 2) This is the most important one for my life, but write for God and let Him be your inspiration. I wouldn’t have a talent or passion for writing without Him and none of my books would be written without Him either.

I’m not sure why it’s so hard to sit down and write, but it is! 

Favorite Writing Tip for New Writers: 

You may feel like giving up or like your dreams are too far away to achieve, or that you can’t write that story, or finish anything you start, or that no one will ever read or like your work, or that you’ll never be published but never give up! Keep trying, keep writing, keep submitting, no matter how hard it gets. You’ll get there someday; just be patient!


Shifter-Cover (1)

Beroan is a shapeshifter, part of the dragon clan. His clan’s Alpha, Sirath, wants to watch the world burn.

For ten long years Sirath has attacked villages, killing thousands of humans and burning towns to the ground. Beroan has had enough, but his resistance will only end in suffering.

Nsi is a human living in a small village with her grandmother and cousin. Her ignorance about the existence of shifters won’t protect her for long. Her family was killed in a dragon attack when she was younger, and now dragons have come again. Now she will stop at nothing until the dragon shifters are stopped, to save humans from suffering the same fate as her family.

Together, Nsi and Beroan will risk everything to save humanity from Sirath.

Darkness is spreading through the galaxy, Corrupting one world after another, and now it has come for theirs. Sirath already belongs to the Corruption of darkness.

He will not stop until he burns down the world and leaves it covered in fire and ash. 

Author Pic

Joanna White earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing for Entertainment at Full Sail University. The Valiant series is her first published work, which first started off being updated on a website called Wattpad. She lives in the countryside of Missouri with her husband, where she continues to work on her other upcoming books. Writing has been a passion since she was ten, when she wrote her first book. Ever since then, writing has become her life outside of her family, God, and being a nerd.


Social Media Links:

Facebook: facebook.com/joannamariewhite

Twitter: twitter.com/joannamwhite

Website: https://www.joannamariewhite.wixsite.com/mywebsite


Do you find it hard to sit down and write? What tips/tricks do you use to get the words on the screen/paper?

Before you go, take a moment to connect with Joanna on social media and check her brand new release, Shifter.

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Wisdom Wednesday: M. L. Little

If I were to do a developmental edit of your manuscript, you could find remarks about the emotional connection the reader has with your characters. I may even say that the character needs to show more emotion in a particular scene, so the reader feels that emotional pull to root for the character. Emotions are powerful, and you could have a fantastic plot, but if the characters are bland, readers will not want to keep reading.

Today, author M. L. Little is here to give us a great writing tip on writing what we know.

Welcome, M. L.!

Name:  M. L. Little

Genre: Fantasy

Latest NovelThe Book of Secrets

Writing Tip: 

Write what you know! This puzzled me for years. Write what I know? Write a character who wakes up, eats toast, sits in traffic, goes to school, and repeats? I don’t know about you, but the ins and outs of my daily life grow rather mundane. So why do writing classes teach us to write what we know? How can there ever be stories of revolution and victory and long-lost worlds if so few of us will ever experience anything great?

This confusion exists because “write what you know” is the most ill-interpreted piece of advice in the whole catalog of writing instruction. Write what your heart has known. If you are alive, you have experienced every emotion on the human spectrum, regardless of the depth of severity. You have been nervous. You have known anger. You have felt joy. Have you lost a relationship, a job, a pet? Then remember your anguish and spin it into the fall of great empires or the destruction of the world. If you have held your newborn child or watched your favorite team claw its way to a championship, then you can write the victory of battle or the joy of reunion. Take your emotions and place them in the biggest, wildest worlds of your imagination.

Your heart already knows everything. Write from it.

I love your explanation! We all have unique situations and feelings and should draw on those emotions to make a deeper connection with our characters.

Favorite Writing Tip for New Writers: 

Set yourself a writing goal, be it five lines or five pages, and meet it daily. Do not allow yourself to go to bed until you have reached your goal. Is your writing terrible? Good, you’ve still put something on paper. And it will probably look better in the morning. The only reason I have a book coming out into the world was because for three months straight, I couldn’t go to bed until I had hand-written two pages. You want a good night’s sleep instead? Don’t become an author. You’ll never sleep again.

Who needs to sleep? 😉 But seriously, setting small goals will give you the discipline you need to finish writing a full-length book.


bandicam 2019-04-22 06-45-40-922

THE BOOK OF SECRETS, a novel perfect for ages 11-14, instantly immerses the reader into an original fantasy world of a mishmash of time periods and rough-and-tumble adventure, whimsy, and heartbreaking beauty.

After Gabriel Draven— impulsive, creative, and too curious for his own good—smuggles home an item from the restricted section of the bookshop, he has no idea that it’s the most wanted book in the Seventh Realm–or that it’s connected to the mysterious stranger who disappeared from his grandfather’s tavern in the middle of the night. Suddenly Gabriel finds himself on the run, seeking shelter with the creatures and humans he views as enemies–but are they? As his journey takes him out of his own realm and into another, Gabriel finds that the deepest mystery lies at the heart of his own family, and he must do whatever it takes to find his way back home.

Flowing through the veins of his adventure is the legend of Brim, a seer and wizard rumored to be reawakening. But those are just stories. Brim doesn’t really have any power, right?

As one early reviewer said: “Strong and unapologetic, full of vivid, well-timed simile and lilting rhythm, bright with humor, at times bursting into a depth of pure simplistic beauty,” THE BOOK OF SECRETS looks far beyond the typical medieval swords-and-sorcery and, instead, introduces mystical creatures, absurd new worlds, and, at its heart, a hymn of praise to the complicated bond of siblinghood.

55509649_1730581100421071_7944006961341661184_nM.L. Little writes reviews for Kid Lit Exchange and is inching closer to becoming a degreed theologian. She resides in the southern foothills of the Appalachians on the edge of the woods, where she sometimes hears the cry of what might be a nullian. The Book of Secrets, installment #1 in the Seventh Realm series, is her first novel and releases on August 15th.



Before you go, take a moment to connect with M. L. on social media so you can get the latest news on her upcoming release.

What about you? Do you find it difficult to draw from your emotions and experiences in your writing? Leave us a comment and join in the conversation. 

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Clean fiction or Christian fiction required. All genres will be considered.

Wisdom Wednesday: Katie Clark

We are talking about one of my favorite parts of writing today! How do you brainstorm ideas and organize them for your stories? Author Katie Clark is here to give us her favorite tip. 

Welcome, Katie!

Name: Katie Clark

Genre: Young Adult science fiction and fantasy

Latest Novel: Whispering Tower, a YA time travel novel, releasing May 5th

Writing Tip: 

Take notes! As I’m brainstorming a new story, I am constantly taking notes as new ideas come to me. There have been time this process has taken only a few weeks, and there have been times this process has taken many months. The notes help me keep things in one place so when it’s time to start writing in full force I have everything I need at my fingertips. Tidbits might come to me about characters, scenes, story world, or plot. I also jot down things I find inspiring for my particular story. This helps keep me on track with theming.

For those who like social media helps, I love making a private Pinterest board for my WIP. This is like a visual list of notes, and it helps me with more descriptive writing.

I like to use Pinterest as well! It’s a great visual tool. I also look up photos to use for inspiration for my characters. It really brings the characters to life if you have a picture that matches what you are envisioning. 

Favorite Writing Tip for New Writers: 

Tips are a dime a dozen, right? But my biggest piece of advice is don’t get in a hurry! This is a common piece of advice, but it’s so hard to follow (even for me, when I’ve been doing this for years). Patience isn’t my strongest virtue. Sigh. But seriously, slowing down and letting the story develop naturally and fully makes for a better story. I have experienced this with multiple books.

That doesn’t mean fast writing can’t work. It can! But sometimes we’re in such a hurry we miss vital links to helping our story be the best it can be. So, there’s my big tip. Take your time!

I struggle with patience as well! But this is a needed reminder to not rush the process. 

perf5.000x8.000.inddStuck in London for one of her mom’s work trips, Skye Humphries can’t help holding a grudge when she ends up roped into a summer tour group with Philip-who-crushed-her-heart. But when Skye and Philip find themselves barreling through time after unsuspectingly opening the veil between the past and present, they’re thrust into a world where Skye’s very life is in danger. If she’d known her choices were between summering with Philip or being sacrificed to the god of the skies, Skye might have changed her attitude. Now she must figure out what’s most important to her—getting even for the past or having a future.


Katie Clark Author PhotoKATIE CLARK started reading fantastical stories in grade school and her love for books never died. Today she reads in all genres; her only requirement is an awesome story! She writes young adult speculative fiction, including her romantic fantasy novel, The Rejected Princess, a supernatural survival series including Shadowed Eden and Whispering Tower, AVAILABLE NOW, and her dystopian Enslaved Series. You can connect with her at her website, as well as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.



Before you go, take a moment to check out Katie’s upcoming release, Whispering Tower, and let us know your method for brainstorming in the comment section. 

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Wisdom Wednesday: Dakota Caldwell

It’s time for you to write. You sit down at the computer and what happens next? Does your desk have to be spotless or is messy okay? Does the house have to be quiet or maybe you have to have a constant stream of noise? 

Today, we have author Dakota Caldwell sharing his writing tip.

Welcome, Dakota!

Name: Dakota Caldwell

Genre: Various (sci-fi/fantasy, comedy/horror)

Latest Release: Apocalyps Squad

Writing Tip:

When you sit down to write, what do you do? Naturally, you have to pull up both Facebook (to provide ample opportunity to post about how you keep getting distracted), Youtube (to provide the distractions. And cat videos!), and Google (to provide obscure answers to random issues in your book that most people will skip over anyway). However, once this is done, you likely pull up your favorite music player and tune out the rest of the world.

Music is a key part of writing that I honestly believe is far too overlooked. For some people, simply listening to an epic soundtrack can provide the inspiration to create truly mesmerizing imagery, to invoke the natural resonance of a scene. However, it can actually be taken a step farther than that.

Simply put, audio is the most powerful form of stimuli that we have access to. Your mind will retain a noise for many times longer than it will retain an image, a smell, or a feeling. Hearing a song that you listened to in high school can bring back those feelings of being a teenager, the examples go on. With this in mind, it’s actually quite possible to train yourself using music.

In short, pick one type of music to listen to while you’re writing. Once you’ve done that, don’t listen to that music ANYWHERE else. After a while, after simply hearing that particular type of music, your brain will automatically switch into writing mode. For me personally, it’s helped eliminate writer’s block on more than one occasion, and has improved my focus a hundredfold.

I love listening to music while I write. My pandora playlist is a mixture of genres, but as soon as I hear  80s’ music (my favorite), my mind starts rolling with ideas. I will have to try only listening to one genre!

Advice For New Writers: 

In the interest of providing the most cliche and overused advice on the internet: Go for it.

Yeah, yeah, I know I sound like a shoe commercial, but… The fact remains that this single piece of advice has lead me to the point where I stand today. Allow me to explain.

Through my writing, I go to a lot of comicons. They’re fantastic places, indeed. Wonderful venues to gawk at cosplay, full of amazing people to meet and befriend. When I started going to them around two years ago, I quickly met a number of other local authors. Friendships formed almost immediately, and I am still in contact with many of them today. I’ve met high schoolers self-publishing their first book, and I’ve met seventy-year-olds who are just getting around to releasing their first novel. And… Something struck me as quite interesting about it all.

The older members of the author crowd were full of advice and wisdom, life experience and wonder that they placed carefully into their books. However, almost every one of them had a single regret: “I wish I had started writing sooner.”

In fact, as I’ve continued doing cons through the years, this has become a theme. I have never once met an older individual that didn’t wish that they had started writing earlier in their life. Conversly, I’ve never met a younger author that regretted starting out when they did. And… I think a lot of this comes back to fear. We fear the unknown, we fear rejection, we fear all these terrible and horrible things that could come with putting ourselves out there. But… We’ll never know how far we can fly unless we get some air under our wings. Our close friends and family, those beta readers that have put up with us for years, are never going to be able to point out all the flaws in our writing. There’s no way that we could truely know how people will respond to going on a journey with our characters.

Maybe you succeed right off the bat, maybe it takes a few releases to build up steam. Maybe people hate the book, maybe they love it. The fact of the matter is that there’s only one way to find out. I published my first novel in January 2017, against the wishes of… Well, pretty much everyone except my girlfriend. Two years later, that book has been taken out of print, that girlfriend is my wife, and my writing is better than it ever would have become if I hadn’t put myself out there. The road might be full of bumps… But there’s only one way to know for sure.

I think you’re right. When I was in high school, I wanted to be traditionally published and well on my way as a writer by the time I was thirty. Life happened, and then that goal changed to completing my novel by thirty. I ended up going back to school to get a degree in Creative Writing in my thirties. My first novel was traditionally published by thirty-five. Looking back, I wish I would have majored in Creative Writing from the very beginning, instead of trying other things first. Don’t let fear stop you!

Apocolyps squad cover (1) low res

The Apocalypse Prevention Department is a secret division of the United States Military, tasked with detecting and preventing world-ending events before the world, well… Ends. Of course, since the world isn’t really in the habit of ending that often, the government keeps it staffed with their misfits and renegades. For years, the ragtag group of bureaucrats has enjoyed a life of luxury. However, when their department is threatened with budget cuts, they’ll be faced with a task even more daunting than saving the world: Actually doing their jobs.




Dakota Caldwell is the author of multiple series that involve violently ending the world (and a few that involve saving it). He currently lives in Kansas City with his wife (who doesn’t want to see the world end) and his daughter (who basically is his whole world).



Social Media:


www.leadpyramidpublishing.com (blog/online store)

Before you go, take a moment and connect with Dakota on social media and check out his latest release, Apocalyps Squad. 

What about you? Do you listen to music while you write? And if so, what kind of music?

Wisdom Wednesday_Dakota

Wisdom Wednesday: Jebraun Clifford

Do you struggle with an internal editor? Or maybe you are new to writing and unsure about handing your manuscript over to a critique partner? You’re not alone. Every writer deals with both of these issues to some degree. But how do you get past them?

Today, we have author Jebraun Clifford with us for Wisdom Wednesday. Welcome, Jebraun!

Name: Jebraun Clifford

Genre: Science fiction and fantasy

Upcoming Anthology Release: Encircled

Writing Tip:

Learn how to turn off your internal editor! I’m a bit of a grammar nerd and end up spending way too much time checking my spelling, grammar, and sentence structure when I’m writing a first draft. Instead of letting the words flow (and reassuring myself I’ll go back later and fix stuff), I find it easy to get bogged down in the details of editing as I write. And, unfortunately, the editorial side of your brain doesn’t play nicely with your creative side. I have to tell myself often what Shannon Hales said, “I’m writing a first draft and reminding myself that I’m simply shoveling sand into a box so that later I can build castles.” So shovel in that sand, get those words in, and work on creating a masterpiece after the first draft is finished.

I’ve always liked this quote. I battle with my internal editor as well, but I’ve finally got to the point where I can write the entire first draft without editing each chapter as I go. It’s still hard at times, but I keep reminding myself that the first draft is supposed to be messy. It just has to exist. 

Advice For New Writers: 

Don’t be afraid to share your writing with other writers. It can be scary, handing over your precious scribblings, but finding a critique group of like-minded writers was the best thing I ever did. My writing improved immensely, and I ended up becoming friends with the amazing group that is publishing this anthology!

I completely agree. It’s hard to hand them over to someone and wait to find out what they think about the story. Writing groups are amazing, and the people there know exactly what you are feeling/thinking because they’ve had those same fears at some point.

Encircled cover

Back cover blurb for “Beyond the Stars and Past the Moons” which is a science fiction re-telling of the fairy tale “East of the Sun, and West of the Moon” in the anthology, Encircled:

Astrid makes the mistake of landing on a derelict moon base above a planet with a corrosive atmosphere. Inside the base lives Milos, a lonely young man who always wears his space suit and a reflective helmet. The base seems familiar, like from a memory or dream. What isn’t Milos telling her? And why won’t he show her his face?

Milos waits for the one destined to break his curse. When Astrid arrives, he realizes she’s everything he’s dreamt about for the last five hundred years. Can she save him before the sorceress who imprisoned him wakes up and destroys them both?

CliffordToo short to be an elf and too tall to be a Hobbit, Jebraun Clifford lives smack-dab in the centre of New Zealand’s North Island surrounded by thermal activity, stunning lakes, and enough Redwoods to make her Californian heart swoon. She writes about discovering identity, living without fear, and enjoys creating fantastic worlds. She loves coffee, tree ferns, dark chocolate, and Jesus, and harbours a secret penchant for British spelling.



Social Media:

Encircled pre-order campaign: https://forms.gle/PRK6HSRgUbbzQAYN7






Before you go, take a moment and connect with Jebraun on social media and preorder the anthology, Encircled, which releases on April 16th.

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Wisdom Wednesday: Jodie Wolfe

How did you start writing your novel? Did you start with a character? With the setting? What led you to your story world? Today, we have author Jodie Wolfe on Wisdom Wednesday sharing with us a piece of writing advice we shouldn’t neglect.

Welcome, Jodie!


Name: Jodie Wolfe

Genre: Christian Historical Romance

Latest Release: To Claim Her Heart

Writing Tip:

Write from the heart. Start your novel with a question that you are working through to find an answer and then use the writing process to come to that answer. I believe that when we dig deep in our heart and search for an answer through our writing, it will draw readers.

I love this. I heard one of my favorite authors teach this a couple years ago, and it really helped me to complete my first novel. You can’t expect your readers to go on a journey that you haven’t gone on first! 

Advice For New Writers:

Work on learning the craft and keep on writing. Sometimes it takes a while to get published, don’t get discouraged. Instead, learn as much as you can and apply it to your writing. Don’t give up!

I agree. Keep learning, keep writing, keep moving forward!

ToClaimHerHeart (1)

In 1893, on the eve of the great race for land, Benjamin David prays for God to guide him to his ‘Promised Land. Finding property and preaching to the lost are his only ways of honoring his deceased fiancée. He hasn’t counted on Elmer (Elsie) Smith claiming the same plot and refusing to leave. Not only is she a burr in his side, but she is full of the homesteading know-how he is sadly lacking.

Obtaining a claim in the Cherokee Strip Land Run is Elsie Smith’s only hope for survival, and not just any plot, she has a specific one in mind. The land’s not only a way to honor her pa and his life, but also to provide a livelihood for herself. She’s willing to put in whatever it takes to get that piece of property, and Elsie’s determined to keep it.

Her bitterness is what protects her, and she has no intentions of allowing that preacher to lay claim to her land . . . or her heart.

Jodie Wolfe -Social Media 2015

Jodie Wolfe creates novels where hope and quirky meet. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) and Romance Writers of America (RWA) and has been a semi-finalist and finalist in various writing contests. A former columnist for Home School Enrichment magazine, her articles can be found online at: CrosswalkChristian Devotions, and Heirloom Audio. She’s a contributor and co-founder of Stitches Thru Time blog. When not writing she enjoys spending time with her husband in Pennsylvania, reading, walking, and being a Grammie. Learn more at www.jodiewolfe.com.


I want to hear from you. How could your questions or what you’re going through benefit your writing? Leave us a comment in the comment section and before you go, take a moment and check out Jodie’s book, To Claim Her Heart and connect with her on social media. 

Contact Info/Social Media Links:

Website: https://www.jodiewolfe.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Jodie-Wolfe-553400191384913

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JodieAWolfe

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/JodieAWolfe

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/15220520.Jodie_Wolfe

Amazon Author Page: https://www.amazon.com/Jodie-Wolfe/e/B01EAWOHXO/ref=dp_byline_cont_ebooks_1

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Wisdom Wednesday: Tabitha Bouldin

Wednesday’s are one of my favorite days of the week because it gives me that boost that I usually need by this time each week. Anyone else start the week off with high expectations in your writing goals and then start to slack as the week rolls on? Author Tabitha Bouldin is here to help us kick it into gear. 

Welcome, Tabitha!

Name: Tabitha Bouldin

Genre: Contemporary Christian Romance

Latest Release: Trial by Faith

Writing Tip for Authors: 

I think my favorite Writing Tip is one I only recently discovered. Miranda July says, “Don’t worry about the bad drafts.” Every rough draft is going to be bad. They’re good, because we finally got the idea down on paper. But they’re bad because there are many, many rewrites needed to make that bad draft into a worthy novel. Just because the draft is bad doesn’t mean you shouldn’t press on. You believed in the story enough to write it once, it deserves to be worked over until it’s exactly what you wanted.

I always say to learn to love the editing phase. Everything that you were unsure of at first, or were dying to fix while you were writing can be fixed in this phase. This is where the real writing happens. 

Writing Tip for New Writers:

Believe in yourself. No one else can give you the confidence you’re going to need when you place that manuscript into the wide world of readers. Don’t set your heart by the reviews. Reviews are great. We all love reviews. But don’t let a bad review set the tone for your belief in yourself. It is impossible to please every reader all the time. Believe in your story, told your way. Only you have the experiences to make that story come to life in the way that you see it.

I think this is important for every writer to learn early on. You will not be everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s okay! Like you said, there’s no way to please every reader all the time. Get excited about the ones that are excited about your story. They are your target readers. 


Two years after Cheyenne saw him shot while in active duty with the military, Kane is finally home for good. While on his way to pay Cheyenne a visit, catastrophe throws him together with Faith Graystone. Faith needs to get home. Her two boys are counting on her to come back, but the road is impassable. As a former soldier, the one thing Kane cannot do is walk away from someone who needs his help.




authorpic2Tabitha was born, raised, and still lives in the same small town in middle Tennessee. A member of ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers), she has been writing for nearly five years but only recently began publishing her work. She is currently working on achieving her Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing with a specification in fiction. Her books are meant to encourage others through the trials of life. While the stories are fiction, they come from situations that many of us face.


Before you go, take a moment and check out Tabitha’s book, Trial by Faith and connect with her on social media. 

Contact Info/Social Media Links:





 We would love to hear from you! Do you enjoy the editing phase? How easy is it for you to wait until this phase to start editing? Do you have a hard time with negative reviews? 

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