I Can’t Say Thank You Enough!


Happy Dussehra to you & your familyI can’t say Thank You enough for helping to make the Release Day of The Soul Searcher so amazing!

With your help, The Soul Searcher made the Top 50 for Christian Fantasy! We hit #40 yesterday afternoon! I’m so excited!

I genuinely have the best readers, and you all made my day by your enthusiasm for Elnora’s story in The Kalila Chronicles. I can’t wait to hear what you think about her story, and I would be so appreciative if you continue to share with family & friends, leave reviews on Amazon & Goodreads, and keep the momentum going for The Soul Searcher!

But the fun doesn’t stop here.

We get to celebrate even more on Saturday evening for the Release Party for The Soul Searcher. We will have a photo backdrop of the cover, signing, giveaways, and refreshments. For details of the party, you can check out the Facebook event, here. Or go to the calendar link on my website.

Until I can see you at the party, here’s a couple more Blog Stops on my Blog Tour. I’ve had the pleasure of being a guest on several great blogs this week, so make sure you go check them out! To see the whole list of blog stops, click here.

Blog Stop #11- June Foster, Author Spotlight

Blog Stop #12- Gail Sattler, Setting aside time isn’t easy

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Happy reading, my dears!

You can get your copy of The Soul Searcher on Amazon.

Haven’t read Book 1 yet? Start with The Seer, available on Amazon.



Wisdom Wednesday: Linda Shenton Matchett

Good morning everyone! Today, we are welcoming back author Linda Shenton Matchett, with her latest release, Love’s Rescue. 

Welcome back, Linda!


Name: Linda Shenton Matchett

Genre: Christian Historic Fiction

Latest Release: Love’s Rescue

Writing Tip:

Research is a must for any book.

I primarily write historic fiction, so it goes without saying that I need to conduct copious amounts of research to ensure accuracy in my stories. Dates, places, and events must be correct. Trust me, readers will find the errors.

As an Anglophile, I love all things British, and several of my stories have taken place in England or include British characters. When I came up with the idea to set Love’s Rescue in Paris, France during the last weeks of German occupation, I decided my male protagonist would be a Brit. I outlined the entire story, then went to the internet and began to search for which British units were part of the liberation. It turns out none of them participated.


Back to the drawing board, I revised the outline, and Simon became an American.

Accuracy is required in every genre, not just historical. Is your book set in a real location? Avail yourself of maps and travel guides so your characters don’t drive the wrong direction on a one way street or enter buildings in the wrong section of town. Are you writing science fiction? Better ensure the basis of your fiction is based on real science. Scribbling a cozy mystery? Get the aspect of police involvement correct, and for goodness sake, make sure your sleuth at least wears gloves when she infiltrates the crime scene to check for clues.

A few months ago, I read a contemporary romance book about a woman who was renovating a run-down house. Having done that myself, I am well-aware of what is involved in the process. The author obviously hadn’t done her homework, or perhaps she felt some of the day-to-day details would get in the way of her story. Whatever the reason, the book didn’t ring true. Major projects took days rather than weeks, and the main character never bothered to obtain the necessary permits or inspections for her work. Nit-picky, but those things bugged me and put me off the story.

For many authors, research is a tedious part of the process. Writing is where the fun resides, right? That may be true, but take the necessary time to fact check, and your story will be stronger because of it.

Great advice, Linda! We all want our stories to be believable, even if we don’t write historical. 


A prostitute, a spy, and the liberation of Paris.

Sold by her parents to settle a debt, Rolande Bisset is forced into prostitution. Years later, shunned by her family and most of society, it’s the only way she knows how to subsist. When the Germans overrun Paris, she decides she’s had enough of evil men controlling her life and uses her wiles to obtain information for the Allied forces. Branded a collaborator, her life hangs in the balance. Then an American spy stumbles onto her doorstep. Is redemption within her grasp?

Simon Harlow is one of an elite corps of American soldiers. Regularly chosen for dangerous covert missions, he is tasked with infiltrating Paris to ascertain the Axis’s defenses. Nearly caught by German forces moments after arriving, he owes his life to the beautiful prostitute who claims she’s been waiting for the Allies to arrive. Her lifestyle goes against everything he believes in, but will she steal his heart during his quest to liberate her city?

Inspired by the biblical story of Rahab, Love’s Rescue is a tale of faith and hope during one of history’s darkest periods.


Linda Matchett Head Shot

Linda Shenton Matchett is an author, speaker, and history geek. A native of Baltimore, Maryland, she was born a stone’s throw from Fort McHenry and has lived in historic places all her life. Linda is a member of ACFW, RWA, and Sisters in Crime. She is a volunteer docent and archivist at the Wright Museum of WWII and a trustee for her local public library. She and her husband live in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire.



What about you? Do you enjoy researching? Do you have any tips you would like to share? Leave us a comment in the comment section and before you go, take a moment and check out Linda’s book, Love’s Rescue and connect with her on social media. 

Contact Info/Social Media Links:

Website: http://www.LindaShentonMatchett.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AuthorLindaMatchett

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/lindasmatchett

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/lindasmatchett

Amazon author page: https://www.amazon.com/Linda-Shenton-Matchett/e/B01DNB54S0

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author_linda_matchett

Bookbub: https://www.bookbub.com/authors/linda-shenton-matchett

Wisdom Wednesday


Release Day!

It’s finally here! 

“A red blinking light from the safe room door caught her attention as she placed her toothbrush in the holder and left the bathroom. Purple, silk pajamas slipped through her fingers and landed at her feet. The smooth fabric tickled her toes as she tried to get her legs to cooperate and move towards the door, but she couldn’t move.

This was not a drill.

Someone was in her house.” – Elnora, exceprt from The Soul Seacher

I’m so excited to let you know that The Soul Searcher is now available! If you’ve read The Seer, I know you’ve waited for answers. Well, book two picks right where The Seer left off, and it doesn’t let you go!

“Erin Howard has done it again! The Soul Searcher lived up to my expectations which were very big after Book 1, The Seer. I couldn’t put the book down. I love the characters and feel like I’m right there in the story connected to them.
This is a must read!” – Beta Reader for The Soul Searcher

I’m so incredibly proud and excited about The Soul Searcher, and I can’t wait for you to read Elnora’s story. I love hearing what you think of The Soul Searcher and answering any questions you may have. Please make sure if you post pictures or ask me questions to use, #TheSoulSearcher so I can interact with you.

The Soul Searcher is available in both Kindle and Paperback forms on Amazon. You can purchase it here. And if you order the print version today, you will have it in before my Release Party and can bring it with you for the signing!

Need to get caught up on The Seer before starting book two? You can find the Kindle or Paperback versions here. 

Happy Reading!


Blog Tour: Stop #9 & 10

I’m happy dancing right now because it’s only … 

FOUR days until the release of The Soul Searcher!

Have you pre-ordered your copy to bring to the Release Party yet? I can’t wait to celebrate with you all on the 23rd with prizes, photo backdrop, and refreshments. I received my copies yesterday, and they are so beautiful!


Until then, I have two new stops to share with you on the Blog Tour of The Soul Searcher. What is fun about all of these stops is each one is different, and there’s no telling what new information you may learn about book two of The Kalila Chronicles!

Blog Spot #9 is a Three Question Wednesday on Jennifer Hallmark’s blog. Stop #10 is a questionnaire from Laurie Lucking on Lands Uncharted.





Make sure you stop by and chat with me. I love to hear from you guys and answer any questions you may have!



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Wisdom Wednesday: Tabitha Bouldin

Wednesday’s are one of my favorite days of the week because it gives me that boost that I usually need by this time each week. Anyone else start the week off with high expectations in your writing goals and then start to slack as the week rolls on? Author Tabitha Bouldin is here to help us kick it into gear. 

Welcome, Tabitha!

Name: Tabitha Bouldin

Genre: Contemporary Christian Romance

Latest Release: Trial by Faith

Writing Tip for Authors: 

I think my favorite Writing Tip is one I only recently discovered. Miranda July says, “Don’t worry about the bad drafts.” Every rough draft is going to be bad. They’re good, because we finally got the idea down on paper. But they’re bad because there are many, many rewrites needed to make that bad draft into a worthy novel. Just because the draft is bad doesn’t mean you shouldn’t press on. You believed in the story enough to write it once, it deserves to be worked over until it’s exactly what you wanted.

I always say to learn to love the editing phase. Everything that you were unsure of at first, or were dying to fix while you were writing can be fixed in this phase. This is where the real writing happens. 

Writing Tip for New Writers:

Believe in yourself. No one else can give you the confidence you’re going to need when you place that manuscript into the wide world of readers. Don’t set your heart by the reviews. Reviews are great. We all love reviews. But don’t let a bad review set the tone for your belief in yourself. It is impossible to please every reader all the time. Believe in your story, told your way. Only you have the experiences to make that story come to life in the way that you see it.

I think this is important for every writer to learn early on. You will not be everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s okay! Like you said, there’s no way to please every reader all the time. Get excited about the ones that are excited about your story. They are your target readers. 


Two years after Cheyenne saw him shot while in active duty with the military, Kane is finally home for good. While on his way to pay Cheyenne a visit, catastrophe throws him together with Faith Graystone. Faith needs to get home. Her two boys are counting on her to come back, but the road is impassable. As a former soldier, the one thing Kane cannot do is walk away from someone who needs his help.




authorpic2Tabitha was born, raised, and still lives in the same small town in middle Tennessee. A member of ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers), she has been writing for nearly five years but only recently began publishing her work. She is currently working on achieving her Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing with a specification in fiction. Her books are meant to encourage others through the trials of life. While the stories are fiction, they come from situations that many of us face.


Before you go, take a moment and check out Tabitha’s book, Trial by Faith and connect with her on social media. 

Contact Info/Social Media Links:





 We would love to hear from you! Do you enjoy the editing phase? How easy is it for you to wait until this phase to start editing? Do you have a hard time with negative reviews? 

Wisdom Wednesday (5)

Blog Tour: Stop #8 & 9

I have two more stops to share with you today! The first one, Blog Stop #8 is a guest post on Tabitha Bouldin’s blog. In this article, A Day in the Life of an Author and Busy Mom, you can learn more about my publishing journey.

Blog Stop #9 is on Sandra Ardoin’s blog, where I’m talking about how to kick your inner editor to the curb! Sometimes you have let your perfectionist self off the hook and just write! You can read the article, Kicking You Inner Editor to the Curb, here.

I hope you are enjoying the blog stops as much as I am! Thank you to everyone who is leaving comments. I’m enjoying getting to know you all. The next stop is coming up on February 13th, my birthday!

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Wisdom Wednesday: Sandra Ardoin

Good morning, everyone! I’m back at my computer today, still a little swollen and itchy from my crazy allergic reaction. I still have no idea what caused it, but I have two more days of medicines, so hopefully, it will help. 

Today, we have author Sandra Ardoin with us to talk about her favorite writing tip, so settle in and join in the conversation. 

Welcome, Sandra!

Name: Sandra Ardoin

Genre: Christian Historical Romance

Debut Release: A Love Most Worthy

Writing Tip for Authors: 

Winston Churchill is quoted as saying, “Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.” He also said, “…never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.” Churchill hadn’t meant those words specifically for writers, but I think they apply. Perseverance is one of the keys that unlocks the door to writing success. Rejections can send us scurrying for a corner in which to curl up, and poor sales can have us wanting to throw in the towel, but…don’t. Keep believing in your abilities and keep submitting!

This is a great reminder to stay committed to doing something that you love. Your story keeps coming back to you for a reason, so write it!

Writing Tip for New Writers:

If you’re serious about publishing and plan to be in it for the long haul, realize it takes time to reach your goals. Study and learn the craft, learn how to market, and develop the relationships that will prove vital to you when your first book releases. Don’t expect 1) to be an overnight sensation and 2) to write, edit, submit, and hold your first book baby within six months after deciding to write it—even if you choose to self-publish. If you intend this as a career, understand that it is a business and treat it with the same respect and skill that a doctor or lawyer would treat their chosen profession.

This is great advice. Writing takes time, and it’s something that you don’t ever stop learning about. If you’re serious about writing, stop thinking and start working towards it. You can do it!

ALMW - Ardoin

She didn’t know which was colder, an Arctic winter or her new husband’s heart.

Hallie Russell believes life should be lived to the fullest. For that reason, she sails to the gold rush town of Nome, Alaska to take her cousin’s place as the mail-order bride of a respected shopkeeper. But when her aloof husband’s wedding-night announcement rocks her plans for their marriage, Hallie sees her desire for a family to call her own vanish as quickly as the dreams of hopeful miners.

Tragedy led Rance Preston to repent of his rowdy ways and open a general store for the miners in Nome. He’s content in his bachelorhood, but his two orphaned nephews deserve a proper and serious-minded mother. Duped once by a vivacious female, he’s determined to never again let his heart overrule his head…until the high spirits of his new bride threaten his resolve.

When a misunderstanding comes to light, will they allow the gale force winds of insecurity to destroy what they each need most?

Sandra Ardoin_HeadshotLooking for heartwarming and award-winning historical romance? Sandra Ardoin engages readers with page-turning stories of love and faith. Rarely out of reach of a book, she’s also an armchair sports enthusiast, country music listener, and seldom says no to eating out.




This was a great reminder today about not giving up on what you love. Sometimes life can get so busy and throw us off track, but if you have a story that keeps coming back to you, don’t delay. Write it! You will be so glad that you did. 

Before you go, take a moment and check out Sandra’s book,  A Love Most Worthy and connect with her on social media. 

Contact Info/Social Media Links:

Visit Sandra on her website at www.sandraardoin.com.

Subscribe to receive updates and specials.

Connect with her on FacebookTwitterGoodreadsPinterest, and BookBub.


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