Blog Tour: Stop #6 & #7

You know that scene in the movie, Hitch where Will Smith has an allergic reaction and downs liquid Benedryl? Well, that was me in the middle of the night, except we don’t know what caused it. I woke up with itchy hands and quickly realized I was covered in a rash. My tongue swelled, and it was hard to breathe. It took three sticks to get my IV in, but they gave me three medicines and a prescription. Whatever it was, I never want to do that again!

So add in our regular visit to St. Jude for my son’s cancer treatment, it’s been long and busy few days. And it also means that a couple of Blog Stops has happened!

The first one is on author Patti Shene’s blog, and guess what? There’s a GIVEAWAY happening! Comment on the post before February 12th to be entered in a drawing for a free Kindle copy of The Soul Searcher: Enter the giveaway here!

The second stop is on author Amy Anguish’s blog. Amy asked the most fantastic questions about The Soul Searcher, and I can’t wait for you to check it out: Amy’s Interview

See you at the next stop! 

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