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image 1-8-19 at 5.24 amThe Soul Searcher releases in about a month! (insert happy dance here)

In the meantime, I am doing something new with this release.

A blog tour! 

Each post will be a little different depending on the host author’s blog. The blog tour could be a spotlight, author interview, or a behind the scenes article. Perhaps even a giveaway or two, so make plans to join me!

As I receive the links, I will come back and update this list and share it on social media.

Blog Tour Dates:


16th- Peg Phifer- Book spotlight 

18th- Toni Shiloh- Upcoming release highlight

24th- Karen Beery- Guest post, Portal to Portal: Writing Fantasy by Erin Howard

28th- Erica Hogan- Interview on Other Worlds Fantasy Writers

30th- Catherine Hershberger- Guest post, Wednesday Writers


2nd- Patti Shene- Guest post

4th- Amy Anguish- Author Interview

6th- Sandra Ardoin- Guest post, Kicking Your Inner Editor to the Curb

6th- Tabitha Bouldin- Guest post, A Day in the Life of an Author and Busy Mom

13th- Jennifer Hallmark- Three Question Wednesday

15th- Laurie Lucking- Interview with Erin R. Howard

18th- June Foster- Book Spotlight

20th- Gail Sattler- Setting aside time isn’t easy.

22nd- Regina Rudd Merrick

25th- Laurie Wood

27th- Ada Brownell


4th- Trish Perry

20th- Heather Greer


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